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How to re-purpose an old pillowcase! Plus a GIVEAWAY!

Sure, there are MANY things you can make from an old pillowcase but today we will be making.......a garment bag! SO cute and SO easy!! You will need one pillowcase, scissors, needle and thread.  You can also use some ribbon to accent once finished but that is optional. Let's get started!  This first step is VERY important!  First, turn your pillowcase inside out.  Then, simply fold your pillowcase in half width-wise You are now going to cut a small slit just below the stitching.  1/2 - 1 inch will be perfect. Unfold your pillowcase, it should look something like above. Next you are going to thread your needle and stitch around the opening to make sure the fabric will not fray.  Once finished turn your new garment bag right side out and there you have it!  How easy was that?!?  You may add ribbon for an extra touch if you would like. I love going to places like goodwill, or my local antique stores, to find really cute old pillowcase

We have a WINNER!

Congrats to comment #4 Brandi O!  You have won the VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY on The Creative Princess!!  I will be contacting you soon to arrange for shipping/pick up.  Congrats! If you did not win, check out this post for info on ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!  Thank you all for entering!

Wow! What a GREAT response!

In less than 24 hours of starting my fan page on Facebook we already have over 50 fans!  That is AWESOME!  Let's get that number to 100 and I will open up ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!!  You can find my fan page here .

Easy Peasy Rich and Creamy Sugar Scrub Tutorial

I have been making these sugar scrubs for a few years now.  I do not remember exactly what website I found my directions on but there are TONS of them out there.  I am not one to really follow directions very well so I don't remember the amounts.  I just put a little bit of this and a little bit of that until it looks right to me.  Sugar scrubs are VERY easy to make, they can be made out of your favorite body wash or your favorite essential oil.  Play around with the scents and have fun! I like to use plastic containers since you will be using this in the bathroom but today, I ran out of them so had to use glass instead.  This sugar scrub is great for those rough spots on your skin and helps keep your skin super soft.  I will be featuring a scent a month in my store  at $15 each for 8oz. Don't forget, my Grand re-Opening is set for June 28th!!  Come like me on Facebook  to stay up to date with the latest news! **GIVEAWAY** This Giveaway has ended.  Pl