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Walgreens Balance Rewards

As a lot of you know, I do the Walgreens Matchups for Money Saving Queen. Late last year I got wind of a rumor that Walgreens was going to come out with a new rewards card. At the time the details were still sketchy and final details had not been hashed out yet.  I am happy to announce that the new Balance Rewards has officially made it's debut! If you have not signed up yet, it is super easy to do! You can sign up online or in store (which is what I did). The process of signing up in store is very easy. I did this a few weeks ago just after the program went live. I actually did not even have to ask to be signed up, the cashier took care of everything for me. She told me that I needed to sign up because soon, you would not be able to get the sale prices without the card and that everything will be placed on the card (such as coupons, register rewards, points, etc). I was in a hurry the day I signed up and the entire process took under 3 minutes, seriously fast. I was a

Where are you?!?!

So, those of you that follow me on Facebook or Twitter probably saw my announcement that I would be back to my regular blogging schedule soon. What you don't know is I wanted to be back like a month ago!  It is so hard getting back into a routine after you have been on a semi-hiatus for such a long time.  Life just kind of stands in the way, you hardly have time to breath some days. So, what am I doing that is keeping me so busy?  Well, both girls have dance on Tuesday now.  MG goes in the morning and Mads goes in the evenings.  Dance is a good 45 minutes away.  So my Tuesday's are spent pretty much in the car. I recently became the Coordinator for our girls Ministry Department at church.  That is my Wednesday plus any other day that comes up that I am needed.  I have only been in the position for 3 weeks, and am still actually in training, but so far I am loving it and can not wait to implement some fun ideas I have for the girls.  WooHoo!! Friday

Earning Money for Your School while You Shop with Jingit!

Have you heard of Jingit ? Jingit is an AWESOME site that allows you to earn money while you shop!  It's totally cool! Right now they are partnering up with General Mills and Walmart to not only allow you to earn money while you shop or watch ads online, but also earn Box Tops for your child's school! I remember when Box Tops for Education started, 1996 if you are curious, I was still in High School and thought people were NUTS collecting these little stamp like things to earn money for our school.  I totally did not understand at all.  As the years went on and my mom became more and more involved in our STEP program (think PTA, but way better) I became even more aware of just how awesome the Box Tops program was. Once Mads started school (many years later) and we started getting fliers sent home to send in Box Tops, we started collecting.  Mads LOVES going to the store with me and finding products with the Box Tops label on them. I also look for these products an

Homegating Potato Skins

As my little family and I were sitting around Saturday enjoying a day FULL of football, Mads got SO excited!  She flipped around in her chair and said: "Oh my gosh! There are five seasons!" I looked a bit bewildered, to say the least, and asked her what on earth she could possibly mean. "There are five seasons! Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.....and.....FOOTBALL!" HAHAHAHA!! I about fell over from laughing so hard! College football is a BIG thing in our house.  I actually like football and keep track of the polls and such.  But, don't ask me any info on any player....or team.  Chances are I will not be able to answer you.  lol  You see, I know enough to ask my hubby the right questions and to keep the conversation going just a bit. Each new season we have a homegating party, just the 4 of us.  We have wings, nachos and....Potato Skins! My FAV! I was always very intimidated to make them, I just thought it would be hard.   It is SO n