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Weekend Wrap-up 10.30

So, it has been like AGES since I have done an official weekend wrap-up.  It has been just a bit crazy around here, but really what's new....right? This past weekend was a rare low-key weekend. Hubby was off and we had NOTHING planned.  Well, that was until I got a call from Fox 14's Lindsey Henry wanting to do a story about couponing. Enter hectic rushing around the house cleaning and no sleep! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!  I have been interviewed about couponing before but never for TV my home!  As soon as I get a link to the story, I will let you know. For those of you in the Joplin, Mo or Pittsburg, Ks viewing area, you can watch it tonight on the 9pm news! While I was being interviewed, hubby took the girls to our land to look for some wood to use in our smoker.  What an adventure that turned into!  MG had a BLAST!  Mads, not so much.  lol  This really does not surprise me though.  They came home and excitedly told me about all of the different animal

Green Mountain Coffee Review and Giveaway

A few days ago the AWESOME peeps over at BzzAgent sent me a box with Green Mountain Coffee samples in it.  I could not WAIT to break into the box and try it out! I decided to try the Vermont Country Blend, I thought most of the others would probably be too bold for my taste. I usually drink flavored coffee which is a lighter "coffee" flavor.  In other words, I don't really like my coffee to taste like coffee!  HA!  So what did I think?  I thought the flavor was good.  It was a bit too bold for my taste but it was still really good. There is a Mountain Blueberry flavor included in the box and I plan to try it soon, I will let you know what I think. What about the other flavors? I will be saving those for when my stepdad comes to visit, he likes a bold coffee. Green Mountain houses some of my favorite K-Cup brands. You can see all of their brands here . Green Mountain also works to increase public awareness of responsibly grown coffee through certification 

German Chocolate Cupcakes - Celebrating Mads

In my family, we love to celebrate every day. Whether it is big or small, I like to make a big deal out of things. When I learned that Cool Whip came out with a new line of Frosting I KNEW I had to incorporate it in our next celebration. On Wednesday we had our first Parent Teacher Conference of the year for Miss Mads. I was very anxious as some of the papers that have been sent home weren't that great. There have been a lot of corrections and some confusion with some of her letters. Hubby and I spent nearly an hour and a half talking with her teacher and going over things.  In the classroom Mads is doing excellent! In fact, she received an 'Excellent' mark on every single in class things such as listening, doing what is told, helping others, etc.  YAY! We also learned that she is ahead in math and reading and is nearly a full year ahead on word recognition!  WooHoo!  Goooo Mads! I had already planned on celebrating the first 9 weeks being over but now, I had even

Bacon....It's BACON!

Last week I had the pleasure to head to Sam's Club to pick up some Wright Brand Bacon to use in recipes for a #MealsTogether BACON party! Of course I could not pass that up!  I loaded the girls up and headed to our local Sam's.  The girls get along so well, sometimes.  Luckily the day we went shopping was one of those days! We searched through Sam's as I had seen the bacon we were after a few weeks ago. Only this time, it was not in the spot it was in last time. They moved the Wright Brand Bacon over to the premium deli area of the store. I decided to get both the Applewood and the Brown Sugar flavored bacon.  I had not tried the Brown Sugar bacon yet and was very excited about it!  It did not disappoint! We had our bacon party over the weekend.  I love having my friends over for meals together. My MIL and two of my friends came over to party with us. I have the cutest friends!  Natasha is holding a Maple Bacon Cupcake {recipe below}. We had

Cinderella's Royal Ball

A few weeks ago I told you that we were getting ready to Celebrate Cinderella by having a Royal Ball.  To get ready for our ball we did all sorts of things!  We had our gowns pressed, purchased all of our goodies for our wonderful guests, and even attended some perfectly princess events. One of the events was the Disney Cinderella Retailtainment Event at our local Walmart.  It was a cold and windy day so Princess MG and Princess Mads had to dress in layers. At the event we received coloring sheets and cake. The cake was SO good!  We also purchased the recently re-released Cinderella Blu-Ray/DVD to watch at our upcoming Royal Ball. We also downloaded the Royal Ball app (you can find it in your app store here or here ). We had so much fun with the app!  You get to create beautiful ensembles, choose your crown, design your carriage and attended a Royal Ball!  You can also unlock other outfits and bring your carriage to life by scanning select images in your local Walmart .

Getting a little personal with #MaLoUnderwear

Last week my hubby and I celebrated our 9th anniversary. Over the years many things have changed. One thing that hasn't? My hubbies taste in underwear. Bet you didn't see THAT one coming!  HAHA! I am serious! For the past 9 years I have bought that man the same type and brand of underwear every time it is needed. It must be gray, black or blue in color and they must be boxer briefs. The pic above is a pair of his current underwear....that he has had for a few years now. They are stretched out and baggy. A few days ago I headed out to Kmart to check out what is new in Men's Fashion in regards to Men's Underwear. As I rounded the corner I saw this...... I mean REALLY?!?! That had to have been the BEST display I have ever seen! I applaud the marketing team of #MaLoUnderwear! If you can't tell from the picture above, that is Mario Lopez....formerly known as AC Slater from Saved by the Bell....formerly known as Eric from Kids Incorporated.

Celebrating Cinderella

You guys! I am SO excited!  I mean SERIOUSLY excited! Disney is releasing Cinderella again....after 7 years in the Disney Vault!  Oh my gosh! I don't know how it was for you but, Cinderella was the very FIRST Disney Princess I was introduced to when I was little.  That I remember anyway.  I can not WAIT to share all of the magic of Cinderella with my girls!  Eeek! Over the next few weeks a few things are happening that you need to be aware of, if you are a Disney Princess fan! First up!  On Oct 2nd the re-releas ed Cinderella comes out on Blu-Ray/DVD! On October 6th select Walmart stores will be having a Retailtainment Event from 11am-3pm and guess what.....YOU are invited!!   Finally....I will be having a PARTY to celebrate all the Cinderella fun on Oct 13th!  Oh my girls are SO excited! We went shopping the other day to pick up a few things for the party. I have actually been scoping out the Cinderella display for like 2 weeks! I knew