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Toys R Us 50% off TODAY!!

Today ONLY select items at Toys R Us are 50% off! You can see the ad here . Some of the best deals I found are: All LeapFrog B2GO FREE! 50% off All Zhu Zhu Puppies BOGO Sony DVDs BOGO Crayola Color Wonder or Explosion Hot Wheels 2 Pack $1.29 50% off Any Nintendo 3DS Game I hope you are able to snag some of these awesome deals!!

Master Baking Mix Recipe

Hey guys!!  Long time no see!  I won't get into the where have you been's right now....I have other news right now! I did a guest post on Money Saving Queen today!  WooHoo!! Sarah has an AWESOME series on Frugal Living , you should really check it out!  She will be doing some amazing Frugal Gift ideas soon! Anyway....onto my guest post! My guest post for her today is my Master Baking Mix recipe!  AWESOME!  Check it out! I have completely stopped using Bisquick, and all other pre-mixed baking mixes, and just use this.  You may have to adjust your recipe just a bit but it still works the same.  Also, if using this from the freezer and not using as soon as you make it, be sure to allow mix to come to room temperature before mixing with wet ingredients.  If you don't have time to allow to warm up it will still work but the texture and end result will be a bit off. Happy Baking!