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Target Matcup Preview 4/1-4/7

For the complete list of matchups please visit FREE Games this week!  Lots of great Easter deals as well!! Easter Candy Easter Snickers or M&M’s $2.88 -$1.50/2 Target Coupon -$1/2   3/18 RP =2/$3.26 Reese’s or Cadbury Mini Eggs $2.88 -$1/2 Target Coupon -$2/3   3/25 SS =$5.64 Godiva Solid Chocolate Bunny $9.99 -$1/1 Target Coupon =$8.99 Select Candy 5/$5 -$1/2 Mars Easter Products 3/18 RP =2/$1 Peeps Chocolate Dipped 2/$3 -$0.50/1 Target Coupon (use two) -$1/2 HERE =2/$1 Starburst or Lifesavers Jelly Beans 2/$4 -$1/2 Target Coupon -$1/2   3/18 RP =2/$2 Grocery Special Purchase: B2G1 Free Ore-Ida Potatoes $2.99 Barilla Plus Pasta 2/$4 -$1/2 Pasta wyb Sauce 3/18 SS =Price will vary Betty Crocker Mix or Frosting $1.27 -$0.75/2 wyb Mix AND Frosting 3/25 SS =2/$1.79 Remember, this is just a preview!  To see the full list, please visit I would love it if you

Do you KNOW hunger?

A few weeks ago I told you about the # TysonBreakfast Bread Bowls . This week I took a few of the bowls to church with me.  I teach a class on Wednesday nights to 1st and 2nd grade girls.  We always have a lot of fun.  The church provides snacks for each class but my girls ALWAYS seem to still be hungry even after the snack. My Mads enjoying her bowl! A few weeks ago after a few girls ate 2 oranges, 3 apples and a package of cookies EACH I asked them about food.  I asked who ate before church, just a few girls raised their hands.  I asked who was going to eat dinner after church, a few more girls raised their hands.  Then, I asked if anyone would not be eating dinner tonight.  I had one girl raise her hand and my heart sank to my stomach. Miss K LOVED the bowls, she ate 3 of them! I love each and every one of these girls as if they were my own, well one IS my own but still.  It breaks my heart to hear some of the stories they share with me each week.  I

Odwalla Champions for Kids - April Simple Service Project

As most of you know I LOVE teaming up with Champions for Kids .  Each month they feature a new Simple Service Project.  During the month of April CFK will be teaming up with Odwalla to bring you 'Game Day Challenge'!  This theme is all about kids sports!   Did you know:  1 out of 3 children and teens in the US are overweight, which puts them at risk of developing serious health problems, including diabetes, heart disease and asthma.  Only 3.8 percent of elementary schools, 7.9 percent of middle schools and 2.1 percent of high schools provide daily physical exercise for their students. Children who play sports have better eating habits and nutrient intake than those who do not, and this combination of physical exercise and balanced diet contributes to improved health and academic achievement. Odwalla believes in Nourishing The Body Whole® so that children can have healthy nutrition and lead strong lives! This week I went to my local Walmart and

Walgreens Matchups for 4/1-4/7

The Walgreens matchups for April 1st-April 7th have been posted at ! Here is a preview, for the complete matchups click HERE Grocery Coca-Cola Products 12pks 4/$14 -B4G1 Free in ad coupon =5/$14 Eggs 2/$2 -$0.55/2 HERE (previous print, check binder) =2/$1.45 Indiana Popcorn $1.99 -$1/1   3/25 SS =$0.99 Jell-O or Instant Pudding $0.59 (limit 3) -$0.50/2   3/25 SS =2/$0.68!! Bisquick Baking Mix 2/$3 (must purchase 2) -$0.50/1   3/25 SS =2/$2 Nestle Morsels 2/$5 (must purchase 2) -$0.50/2 HERE =2/$4.50 Domino Sugar 2/$5 (must purchase 2) -$0.75/1   3/18 RP =2/$3.50 Remember, this is just a preview!  For the complete matchups click HERE .

$0.55/1 Ecce Panis Bread!

This bread is seriously AWESOME! Just click over to the right ------> on my sidebar! HURRY !  This coupon won't last long! You can check out my recipe using Ecce Panis Bread here .

Celebrating National Waffle Day with TCBY

Oh yes, if you didn't know by now you are about to.  There IS a holiday for EVERY THING!  This past Sunday was National Waffle Day!  To celebrate my little family had a little Waffle Day celebration with TCBY frozen yogurt.  Yes!  THAT TCBY! Swoon! I don't remember when I had my very first experience with TCBY but one of my most memorable was when we were visiting my aunt in Hawaii when I was about 13.  I remember I ordered the parfait, it was new then, and it was good! Now a days we have those Fro-Yo places popping up all over the place that lets you go in and combine all kinds of flavors and top your creation with all kinds of toppings yourself.  I won't lie, my girls and I frequent them a lot. I was SO excited when I heard TCBY was now being sold at Walmart!  The Fro-Yo places are awesome but, they get super expensive!  At my local Walmart I can get a pint of TCBY for under $3 and come home and use the toppings we already have.  That pint is e

Hello Summer - Goodbye Cellulite!

It has been SO HOT here this week!  We have seriously gone from summer to a super short fall to summer again this year.  We hardly had a winter, if you can even call it that at all, and so far our spring is more like early to mid summer! Even though it really isn't summer, it is only March for goodness sake, it will be here before you know it.  With summer comes capris, shorts and.....the always dreaded.....swimsuit!  EEEEEEK!!  It is RARE I go anywhere that requires me to be in a bathing suit, if I do....I RUN as fast as my short legs will take me to the pool and get in as quickly as possible for fear of someone seeing me. All of my life I have battled cellulite.  It has not mattered how fit or active I may have been, it has ALWAYS been there.  I have made a commitment to getting my body as ready as I can for summer this year.  I have been walking, we are going to get bikes soon so I will be riding, and I am going to start Zumba.  Even with all of that I want a bit more

Food Pyramid Hot Deals 3/28-4/3

The Food Pyramid Hot Deals have been posted at ! Here is a preview of the matchups, for a complete list please visit the Money Saving Queen Forums ! Kraft Mac’n Cheese $0.79 No coupon, AWESOME deal Jack’s Pizza 4/$10 -$0.75/1 March All You =$1.75 Bounty Basic $4.99 Duncan Hines Cake Mix 4/$5 -$0.35/1   2/5 SS =$0.55 (AWESOME DEAL!) 1 Day Sale (Saturday March 31 st ONLY) Best Choice Twin Pack Carchoal $5.99 Kraft BBQ Sauce $0.79 (limit 2) Hunt’s Ketchup $0.79 (limit 2) Frito-Lay Multi Packs $5.49 Sara Lee Honey Wheat Bread 2/$3 In ad coupon FREE 12-pack Coca-Cola wyb 4 Coca-Cola Products 12pk Cans Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.69/lb Farmland Bacon $2.99 Tomatoes on the vine $0.89/lb Again, this is just a preview!  Visit for the complete list!