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Dining at Disney - Special Diets

Going to Disney?  Staying on property or having dinner on property?  Have a food allergy or special diet?  Freaking out wondering what you are going to eat? Not to worry!  This IS Disney after all and they DO think of everything and everyone! If you are diabetic they have a ton of things for you and you will not have to worry about a thing!  If you see an option and have a question about it just ask your cast member serving you, they will be able to answer any question you may have. Maybe you have to follow a gluten free (GF) diet.  NOT a problem!!  Did you know that many restaurants at Disney have already made arrangements to make sure no gluten will come near your food?  They have!  Most restaurants have special fryers, grills, refrigerators, etc to prepare and store the GF food in.  When you sit down for your meal remind (yes remind, you are given the option to put special dietary needs in your reservations*) your cast member of your GF needs.  He will then go tell the chef, the

To rent or not to rent - Strollers

(photo curtesy of ) VS (photo curtesy of ) Well, just by the picture it seems pretty obvious to me what one I want to pick!  lol  The first picture is the double stroller option available to rent at the Disney Parks.  The second picture is the double stroller option available to rent from . The down low on the services: Renting from Disney Parks Stroller Rental Fees are as follows: $15/day for single stroller $31/day for double stroller $100 credit card deposit required for renting from Downtown Disney location.  Stroller must be returned to the original rental location to receive a credit card deposit refund. Disney DOES offer a multi-day discount.  The prices are as follows: $13/day for single stroller $27/day for double Besides the cost to rent from Disney also consider if you will need a stroller should you leave the property for any reason.  If you do then renting from

Affording Disney

Never did I think that we would be able to do a Disney Vacation (DV) anytime soon.  Much to my surprise after checking into things I discovered I was VERY wrong! Disney offers MANY options when planning your vacation.  I am going to tell you what I did, how we are paying for it then I am going to tell you some things I learned AFTER I booked our vacation. Did you know that when booking your DV you do not have to pay the entire amount up front?  I didn't either!  You only have to put $200 down then you can make payments as you go.  The final payment MUST be paid 45 days before your arrival date.  The reason I like this option is because we did not have the $2043.90 to pay right then and there but knew we would have it by the 45 day mark.  We are not using a credit card to pay for this trip, we are using cash.  By being able to make payments really helps.  I booked our vacation directly from . Our package includes 4 nights at Disney'

Going to Disney!!!!

I know a lot of you already know this and are sick of hearing about it but......sorry!  I am just SO excited!!! I was probably Madison's age (5), if not just a little bit older when I last went to WDW.  To be able to go back as an adult and share this experience with not only my girls but also my hubby (who has never been) is just SO exciting! Disney does a great job of giving you a TON of options when booking your vacation, we opted to stay on the WDW compound, include the deluxe dining plan and opted for just 3 days of park tickets.  I thought it would cost a fortune for the four of us to go but isn't so bad.  Honestly! Since we are staying on property I get to experience something I never knew Disney had....AMAZING restaurants.  I don't know if I am more excited to see all my sisters, the Princesses, again or the food!  With our dining plan we get to have three sit down dinners per day and two snacks per day.  We have opted to have two charact

We LOVE Melmo!!

(photo courtesy of ) Last night my girls and I were able to go see Sesame Street Live thanks to .  We were also lucky enough to have a meet and greet with Melmo (Elmo) and Cookie Monster. I would really, REALLY, like to tell you that it was a stress free, perfect night.  But, lets be real here!  This is how my evening went down: At the meet and greet my girls were SO excited to see Melmo and Cookie.  When they walked in the room they both lit up.  It was SO cute!  Mallory just kept waiving and saying hi.  SO cute!  Madison was worried we would not be able to see them but I reassured her that we would.  The closer we got to Melmo and Cookie the tighter Mallory's grip got.  lol  Madison decided she did NOT want her picture taken with them and Mallory would not have it unless I was in the picture with her. When we got back to our seats we of course got some cotton candy, it is a tradition for us.  Once the show started both girls were pretty