The Creative Princess: We LOVE Melmo!!

We LOVE Melmo!!

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Last night my girls and I were able to go see Sesame Street Live thanks to  We were also lucky enough to have a meet and greet with Melmo (Elmo) and Cookie Monster.

I would really, REALLY, like to tell you that it was a stress free, perfect night.  But, lets be real here!  This is how my evening went down:

At the meet and greet my girls were SO excited to see Melmo and Cookie.  When they walked in the room they both lit up.  It was SO cute!  Mallory just kept waiving and saying hi.  SO cute!  Madison was worried we would not be able to see them but I reassured her that we would.  The closer we got to Melmo and Cookie the tighter Mallory's grip got.  lol  Madison decided she did NOT want her picture taken with them and Mallory would not have it unless I was in the picture with her.

When we got back to our seats we of course got some cotton candy, it is a tradition for us.  Once the show started both girls were pretty excited.  Again, Mallory just kept waiving and saying hi and from time to time would get up and dance to the music.
 (cotton candy mouth)

(YAY!  Melmo!)

Then!  Oh boy!  Then!  lol  Then they shot confetti.  Oh. My. Gosh!  That was all it took for Madison to go from happy to cranky.  Poor girl just does not do well with loud noises.  She sat like this the rest of the show.

Poor baby.

It wasn't much longer before Mallory had enough and just wanted to go run.
So we went ahead and came home.

All in all it was a GREAT show, what we were able to see, and we did have a good time.  Just be ready for an overly active 2 year old to want to get up and go run (lol).

It is not too late for you to purchase tickets for this weekends shows.  Just head to for all of the details on times and cost and where to purchase.

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