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Meet Megan Dunham of Half-Pint House

Source: Megan's Facebook Page As a lot of you know, I am a member of an AWESOME community called Social Fabric ® . We are a community of bloggers from all over the world that make up just part of Collective Bias ® . I have been a member for a few days past 1 year. I have meet a lot of awesome people and have made some AMAZING friends in that time. This year, instead of a gift exchange , a few of us decided to do a blog exch ange and introduce our readers to one of our members.  We filled out a little form and a few days later we were sent an email with the name of the pe rson we had been assigned to, we did not get to pick. I literally shrieked with joy when I read the name Megan Dunham. Megan has been a member of Social Fa bric for nearly 11 months . I have worked beside her has a blogger on a few campaigns and this summer had the pleas ure of be ing Campaign Lead and working with her in that aspect for the first time. Let me stop right and let you know, she is an AMA

Introducing Zoe 1:8 Designs - Giveaway

 It is rare that a new store opens in this town. I was SO excited when I heard my friend, Phyllis, was FINALLY going to open her store! You see, it has been her dream for 20+ years to have her own store.  But, you know how it goes sometimes, life just gets busy.  A few days ago I took a break and went to visit Phyllis at her store. Let me just say.....OH. MY. GOSH! I was SHOCKED at her selection! I mean, I heard it was awesome but seriously?  I could have bought just about everything in that store! She offers both new, and tenderly loved, items. She has Purses, Shoes, Necklaces, Clothes, Wraps, Scarves, Hats, Home Decor, Furniture....seriously the list goes on and on. Do you like the display table? It is more than likely for sale as well. If you find something, you better grab it then and not wait! I guarantee it will be gone the next time you are in. But don't worry, Phyllis adds new stock EVERY DAY! She also offers a 30 day layaway program. So, why Zoe 1:8 Designs? W

My Style Surprise with Sears Style

Last week I went to Sears in search of great Holiday fashion. I have heard a lot about the affordable fashion Sears offers and most recently, the Kardashian Kollection. I really, REALLY, wanted to see it first hand. I went in search of a dress but, the Sears location I went to only carried two dresses, in the entire store, in plus size. One was SUPER sparkly and the other was sleeveless, I do not do either of those.  Stink! On to option 2.....pants. I posted my top 3 outfits on Instagram and asked you to vote for your favorite. I started with this combo. It is a pair of Black Boots, Black Pants and an Off-White Sparkly Top. It got the least amount of votes, of which I am not surprised. A few of you liked it, and that is AWESOME! But, it just did not look OK. Next was this cute little combo. Again, Black Boots, Black Pants and way cute Black and Ivory Top. The top has heels, lipstick and bows on it, so girly! This was my FAVORITE and I was secretly sending you ALL telepa

Chocolate-Hazelnut Waffles

Do you LOVE Nutella?  Yeah, so do I.  Unfortunately, I don't always have it in the house. You see, I am the only one that eats it so it goes bad before I finish a jar. A few weeks ago I was sent a bottle of Torani Hazelnut Syrup from my friends at SheSpeaks . I will be honest, when I first opened the box I was less than thrilled with the syrup flavors I received. I received a bottle of Peppermint Syrup and a bottle of Hazelnut Syrup. Other than Amaretto, those are my least favorite flavors. Ever.  Stink! I was stumped for days on what I was going to make with the syrups.  I did NOT want to try to pull off a recipe that I really did not like the flavor of.  I'm just not one of those bloggers, if I tell you I like something, I really do like it. Then. It hit me!  HELLO!  BRANDI! Wake up! You LOVE Nutella and it is made with hazelnuts!  DUH!  Oh my gosh!  I was so right! I DO love Nutella and it IS made with hazelnuts! Then it came down to what I was going to

Cookies for Santa and a fun Ornament

One of my favorite traditions is making cookies for Santa. The girls help me pour in ingredients and stir everything together, then they help with placing them on the cookie sheet. It ends up being a HUGE mess but, we have fun. We usually do chocolate chip cookies, but this year I wanted to try a new recipe. I searched through the Nestle Seasonal Confections site and thought the Mrs. Claus' Favorite Oatmeal Cookies recipe seemed interesting. So, I made a list and checked it twice then to Walmart we flew in the blink of an eye! I loved that this recipe called for sweetened dried cranberries, I LOVE those!  It also called for Nestle Crunch Jingles.  Hubby, of course, LOVED that. This is a cookie for everyone, because it has something for everyone. It is filled with the yumminess of a regular oatmeal cookie, but kicked up a notch with the Sweetened Dried Cranberries, Crunch Jingles and nuts. Even the girls liked them. I know Santa is going to absolutely love the change

Bedtime with GoodNites #HuggiesWalmart

In March we potty trained MG. It took less than week to complete the potty training, we did day and nighttime training at the same time.  AWESOME! Except, there are still nights when she wets the bed. Not so AWESOME! What makes it even better? She still sleeps with us.  Yep I am one of THOSE parents.  I have co-slept since Mads was born, she is finally in her own bed and has been for a while.  MG will be 4 in April and that is on my list of things to do over the next few months. Until then, I will suffer with wet sheets from time to time, I guess (or not, keep reading). (please ignore the freaky fake Santa) Last weekend we took a trip to Branson and stayed at a fancy hotel.  I have been fearing for months that MG would wet the bed while we were there.  Bedwetting + Fancy Hotel = FAIL!  I was planning my attack but still came up empty on a solid "fix". We take her to the bathroom right before she goes to bed, sometimes that isn't enough, I di

Family Traditions with Lipton Tea & Honey

Lipton Tea has been a family favorite for years! Growing up we had sweet tea with every meal time, it seemed. Now that I have kids of my own, I try to limit their caffeine intake and only offer tea for special occasions or when we are entertaining family. I was so excited to learn that Lipton has come out with Pitcher Packets! I will be honest, at first I was a little worried.  Have you ever tried instant tea?  It really isn't the best tasting drink on the planet. Really, to me, it tastes like dirty fish water.  Not that I have ever tasted dirty fish water.  AHEM.  While at Walmart a few days ago I picked up the Tea & Honey Mango Pineapple Iced Green Tea and the Tea & Honey Peach Apricot Iced Black Tea Pitcher Packets from Lipton. Being that I am on Weight Watchers I am always looking for new ways to cut back on calories. I was very happy to learn that each serving only has 5 calories!  That's awesome! One of my favorite family tradition meals is roast.

Christmas with Cookie's Kids

Christmas is just around the corner! One of my favorite Christmas traditions is shopping for a Christmas dress. I started my search for the perfect dress for MG a few weeks ago on  Their selection of dresses is AMAZING! They have tons of different styles, fits and colors. I had a hard time deciding on THE dress, it was a toss up between the one I choose and another that I decided just was not for us.  Oh, the other one was cute, it just had stuff around the neck and MG can be pretty picky about stuff like that. I ended up getting this dress by Dorissa and am so glad I did!  The color is just beautiful! The ruffles near the neck and the bows on the sash are made of velvet, the rest of the dress is like a taffeta. #CookiesKids has an AWESOME new feature that allows you to put your child's height and weight in and they will pull up what size would work best for your child.  Unfortunately, MG is kind of hard to fit so they could not come up with a size