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Weekend Wrap-up 9

What a CRAZY busy weekend! Friday the girls and I watched hubby work on the yard for a bit, I tinted some jars, went to a party.  You know, the normal stuff.  HA! The girls wanted doughnuts for breakfast Friday so I decided to get up and go get some while they were still sleeping.  Everyone was up by the time I got home, had to make a run to the grocery store as well.  While at the grocery store, I picked up a few lemons and some cloves.  I don't know if you have seen that pin being passed around Pinterest about putting cloves in a lemon and setting it on your outdoor table to keep the flies away.  I decided it couldn't hurt so I gave it a try.  As you can (sort of) clearly didn't work.  Maybe our lemons just aren't big enough in Oklahoma?  Maybe our flies are just geniuses?  Who knows!  But, it did smell good.  Anyone else have a tried and true method that will work? Friday afternoon I tinted some jars.  I am going to a women's meeting

Pinterest Roundup

Pinterest has started something new the past few weeks.  Each week they send you an email with your most popular pins, popular boards and some pins you might want to check out.  I thought it would be fun to share a few with you. My #1 liked, viewed and pinned pin from last week was from Little Bit Funky , featuring her tutorial on how to turn a regular mason jar lid into a spill-proof lid ! Source: Little Bit Funky #2 was This post from Discover.Create. Live. on how to lengthen a shirt that is too short #3 is This AWESOME idea to add a kids pantry to your kitchen from Want some pretty awesome things to pin today?  Check these out! Super EASY Blackberry Cobbler from The Diary of Daves Wife . Have you met Kara from Kara's Party Ideas ?  You should, she features the most AMAZING parties!  She is simply AMAZING!  Check out this Feather Your Nest baby shower! Source: Bubbly Nature Creations Doesn't that look AMAZING?!?!  My friend Rachel

StyleUnited: New View, New You Program and a Giveaway

I am SO excited to share with you this AWESOME new program!  The SheSpeaks StyleUnited: New View, New You Program gives you the opportunity to be one of the first to try StyleUnited , a new beauty and fashion website by P&G.  StyleUnited is brought to you by brands including Olay, Frederic Fekkai, DDF Skincare and Cover Girl. Providing access to exclusive editorial content and personalized recommendations, StyleUnited connects women to their full style potential using these unique tools: Style 360 - a fully personalized diagnostic quiz that has been designed to understand your individual needs in skin care, hair care, cosmetics and fashion. Customized Beauty and Fashion Content - hundreds of curated articles, blogs and how-to videos from industry experts created to answer your every question while keeping you up on the latest trend news. I had the opportunity to sign up last week and I seriously LOVE the site!  A lot of you do not know that I am a makeup JUNKIE

Weekend Wrap-up 8

What a CrAzY weekend!  My goodness, it was jammed packed! I am going to to start with Thursday this week since that is when our weekend started.  Thursday was Mads last day of school, she was welcomed home in grand fashion. Friday was a BIG day!  Friday morning and afternoon we did "house stuff" (laundry, dishes, yard work, etc).  My niece, Andi, graduated from HS Friday night.  After getting cleaned up, it was time for graduation.  MG fell asleep on our way there (it seriously takes us 5 minutes to get to the HS), so her and I stayed in the truck until she woke up.  She finally woke up about halfway through graduation.  After graduation we went to the family graduation party at Clanton's .  Saturday the girls and I got up, had breakfast and made strawberry pies .  After the pies set a bit and we got ready, we headed to my Grandpa's for another graduation party, this time for one of my cousins.  On our way into the house we were greeted by some de

One Year - Joplin

One Year, One Community, One direction, Joplin I think that really says it all. One year ago today was just like any other spring day.  It was a BEAUTIFUL Sunday afternoon, not a cloud in the sky but a slight chance of rain later in the day. The girls and I were driving to church when the skies turned black and the rain started POURING!  Little did we know, a tornado was on the ground about 15-20 miles away, near the lake.  I pulled into church, got the girls out and went into the nursery.  I decided to check the weather just to make sure there was nothing going on.  To my surprise, not only did a small tornado hit just a few miles away from me, a MASSIVE and very deadly tornado struck one of my favorite places.  Joplin, Mo. is a short 45 minute drive from my house and a place I shop at regularly (once or twice a week).  source Reports were just starting to come in, my mom was texting me, we had friends in the area that were texting other friends in church.  It w

Weekend Wrap-up 7

Yeah, yeah...I know we are already ALMOST at another weekend and I am just now posting this.  It is the end of the school year which means, we have been BEYOND busy!  Please forgive me. Last weekend was tiring...if I had to sum it up in one word.  lol  Most of it is just a big blur to me. Thursday we packed up and drove to Springfield to go to Kmart.  Yep, 2 hours away just to go to Kmart.  BUT!  It was for good reason!  Did you see my patio makeover ?!?! Friday I don't even remember what we did.  I know Hubs worked that night, I think I made banana bread and I know the girls and I did something but for the life of me can't remember right now what it was.  This is why I should not wait so long to write my weekend wrap-up post!  HA!  Saturday was spent making Strawberry Pie , Texas Sheet Cake Cupcakes (review coming soon) and editing pics.  Saturday morning the girls and I got up and had breakfast with my SIL, MIL and niece.  Saturday was my nieces last Prom.  A

Cindy's Strawberry Pie

Mmmmm!!  Strawberry Pie!  This is, I think, the PERFECT pie!  Seriously, it is heavenly! I was well into my 20's (nearly 30) when I tried my very first piece of Strawberry Pie.  We were having lunch at Clanton's and we decided to get dessert, which we hardly ever do.  I had heard how amazing their Strawberry pie was and since I like both pie and strawberries, I figured it couldn't be bad. Oh! MY GOSH!  It was AMAZING!  But, there was just one problem.  I could only get this pie at Clanton's and it was VERY seasonal.  *sigh* *BIG SIGH* This is where Cindy comes in.  Cindy happens to be my sister-in-love and seriously one of the sweetest, funniest gals you will EVER meet.  She is as beautiful as she is sweet, also. Last year (I think it was last year, could have been the year before) my brother and Cindy came up to Oklahoma for something or other and Cindy made Strawberry Pie.  I was a bit hesitant going into my first bite because I was pretty sure it

Getting ready for Memorial Day with a Patio Makeover from #KmartOutdoor

Ugh.  What can I say about the above picture?  That is our patio furniture.  Full of stains, rips and other lovely things like bird droppings.  To say our patio needed a makeover was an understatement. Here is the entire set.  It is pretty boring and totally does NOT match my personality.  I want something fun! I decided to see what Kmart had to offer and was pleasantly surprised!  They make it easy and offer an online catalog , they also offer online layaway!  Since the nearest store to us is nearly an hour away it is nice to have so many online options! I was able to pick out what I wanted without even leaving my house!  I could also see what was available at the stores near me so I would not be making a wasted trip!  That was GREAT!  I decided to get some replacement cushions for our patio chairs and put them on layaway.  I love using layaway because it allows me to make payments over time rather than coming up with the money right then!  Kmart offers