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Weekend Wrap-up 8

What a CrAzY weekend!  My goodness, it was jammed packed!
the children's place backpack
I am going to to start with Thursday this week since that is when our weekend started.  Thursday was Mads last day of school, she was welcomed home in grand fashion.
cato fashions for girls top and skirt
Friday was a BIG day!  Friday morning and afternoon we did "house stuff" (laundry, dishes, yard work, etc).  My niece, Andi, graduated from HS Friday night.  After getting cleaned up, it was time for graduation.  MG fell asleep on our way there (it seriously takes us 5 minutes to get to the HS), so her and I stayed in the truck until she woke up.  She finally woke up about halfway through graduation.
 After graduation we went to the family graduation party at Clanton's.
graduation party
 Saturday the girls and I got up, had breakfast and made strawberry pies.  After the pies set a bit and we got ready, we headed to my Grandpa's for another graduation party, this time for one of my cousins.  On our way into the house we were greeted by some dear friends of mine that I have not seen in a VERY long time.  Always good to see old friends.  We made our way inside and I was met by this little cutie....
This is my little cousin B-man.  He's SO cute!  He is about to be a big brother.  :-)
 This is why we were at my Grandpa's, to celebrate a graduation!  We sure do have some cute kids in this family!  It was great to hang out with the fam.

Saturday night we met up with MORE family and went to the Tulsa Shock game.
Before the game they had some little games and things for the kids to play.
Mads shooting....
MG shooting....sort of.
Teacher of the Game #GoShock
ALL the kids, plus Lisa and my Aunt Dee, shooting.
We were at the game to honor my cousin Lisa.  She was the PE Teacher of the Game.  It was awesome to see her get the award, she is so deserving!
teacher of the game #goshock
Here is most of the group....
teacher of the game #goshock
It was a lot of fun!  Although the Shock lost at the very end, we had a blast!

Sunday the girls and I came home then went to church Sunday night.  Extreme took the kids to the park and we had popsicles.  The kids had a blast!

Since I was gone most of the weekend and hubby had to work, we celebrated my birthday on Monday.  We went to Joplin and had dinner at Logan's Roadhouse.  It was REALLY good!  Then, we went to Target....of course. 
Joplin, Birthday

It was a really good weekend, full of family!  This weekend I have a birthday party for a friend and I will also be watching hubby build our new fence.  I hope you all are having a GREAT week!

Much love, 

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Oh!  I ALMOST forgot!  This post makes my 200th post!  WooHoo!!

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