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Hello Friend - Mini WWU 12

Hi guys!  How has everyone been?  Me?  Oh, busy as usual! Last week I had the opportunity to go to Church Camp with the kids from my church.  It was VERY last minute but VERY fun!  We ended up taking about 16 kids and 4 adults.  Everyone had a great time!  I may, or may not, have gone down the the dark.....ok....I DID!  It was SO much fun!!  The children's pastor from our church made a deal with me and the girls, if I went down it....she would as well.  I went down the very first night, she waited until the last.  lol The theme this year was Consumed.  What Consumes you?  I know the message was mainly for the kids but it also spoke to me.  God has a way with timing and working things out that way.  He knew I needed to hear the message being shared.  I have let social media, my blog, my online network, consume my life.  I have let it take time away from my family, my friends and my time with God.  Since being home from camp I have put all of that on hold and

Summer Fun Pinterest PARTY!

So, last week you guys remember me talking about all the FUN we had during the weekend with Nestle and Tombstone celebrating summer......right?  If not, or if you are reading for the first time (welcome!), you can find that fun post here .  We had a BLAST!  I love doing FUN things during the summer with my girlies and am always looking for new ways to break the boredom.  I am SO excited to tell you about an AWESOME party we are hosting on Pinterest! To celebrate the fun and help you celebrate summer, we are throwing a Pinterest Party! Come join in, Pin and Repin and you could win a year's supply of Tombstone Pizza! Here are the details: Join the #GrabSummerFun Pinterest Party from June 15, 2012 - July 2, 2012 . We are giving away a year's worth of Tombstone Pizza! Party Rules Sign into your Pinterest account or if you do not have a Pinterest account, visit to request an invitation to register for a free account. There may be a waiting p

Well Isn't That Pinteresting!

I am smack dab in the middle of planning Mads 7th birthday party. Where does the time go? Mads has decided she would like a Hello Kitty Luau themed party this year.  Do you know how hard it is to find Hello Kitty Luau?  It's REALLY hard!  But, we are making it work. Thanks to Pinterest , I have been able to morph a few ideas together. You know how much I love Pinterest but one of my FAVORITE things to do on there is find cute party ideas.  If you can think of a theme, someone has pinned something to go along with it. Here are a few of my FAVORITE themes from Pinterest..... This Monster Bash party from Kate at And Everything Sweet is SO cute!  She even let you design your own monster cupcake, how cool is that?!  While you are checking out the post about this party, be sure to take a look around her blog.  She has some pretty AWESOME cakes on there and TONS of other party ideas! Heather, over at Chickabug, put together some AWESOME Sesame Street part

Weekend Wrap-up 11

We had SO much FUN over the weekend! Friday was spent working outside.  I started cleaning the pool and hubby continued working on the fence. We did not winterize our little pool last year, nor did we ever put the cover on it.  So to say it was gross was a gross understatement.  Growing up I would watch my aunt clean our pool wearing black trash bags, held on with rubber bands, on her feet and legs, long rubber gloves, a mask and she may or may not have worn ski goggles at one point, maybe it was just her sunglasses and I am remembering that part wrong.  Now I totally understand why she wore all of that!  YUCK!  I think I took 15 showers over the weekend!  HAHA! I was just about done when I decided "Hey, I should take a pic of this for the blog" so...all you get of the before is that tiny spot.  lol  But trust me, it was nasty. I started off using my garden hose and a scrub brush, I was not getting very far like that though.  Then I decided to get the power-w

Celebrating Summer with Nestle and Tombstone

Now that school is out and the stress of dance recital is over, we can focus on SUMMER!  YAY! My girls would live outside this time of year, if I would let them.  We are usually outside from the time breakfast is over, until it is time for bed.  We have a few breaks and come inside when it gets really hot, but the majority of our day is spent outside. A few days ago we decided to have a little celebration to officially welcome summer.  We headed to  Walmart and picked up a few items so we can #GrabSummerFun! We picked out some new sidewalk chalk, some new bubbles, a Tombstone Pizza and some Nestle Drumsticks .  To see my entire path to purchase, check out my Google+ story . They were giving out free samples of pizza and mini Drumsticks while we were there!  AWESOME! They were also passing out pizza and Drumstick shaped fliers with coupons inside!  WooHoo! Everything we needed was very easy to find. Once we got home it was time to CELEBRATE! We decided t

Eclos Beauty Winner!

Thank you all for entering the Eclos Beauty Giveaway! Congrats to Anna G!  You are the winner! If you did not win, don't worry, more giveaway's are coming soon. a Rafflecopter giveaway

#EclosBeauty Review and GIVEAWAY!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of ├ęclos Skin Care . All opinions are 100% mine. I have never really thought much about anti-aging serums, creams, potions, etc. until recently.  In my 20s my main focus was moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.  While I still think that is important, now that I am in my 30s, it is time to take it a step further. A few weeks ago I received a package that included the Eclos Anit-Aging Starter Set.  Included in the set is: • Facial Cleanser Skin Prep - to get all the dirt, makeup and pollutants off and helps balance your skins pH level. • Cellular Activator Face Serum - lightweight moisturizer, helps skin become smoother and softer, and also visibly reduces the sign of wrinkles (yep, I am starting to get them) • Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream - helps skins ability to renew itself! • Restorative Eye Cream - reduces fine lines, slows signs of aging and firms delicate skin • Instant Radiance Facial Scrub - removes dry, d

Weekend Wrap-up 10

So, we already know it was a CRAZY busy weekend for us....right?  I warned you all 10 weekends ago how insane this time of year is for us! Friday and Saturday pretty much revolved around this little girl.  Friday was her rehearsal for dance.  She was a bit nervous but did GREAT!  I did a double french braid in her hair, her daddy was tired of the ballet bun, then tucked the ends up and under.  I have NEVER done that before and I think for the first time, I did a pretty good job.  It was only my second time to french braid!  I must get better at this!  lol She got a little lost during this song and kind of wondered around the stage for a bit but, she figured it out soon enough. Saturday was THE BIG DAY!  It was time for RECITAL!  She gets SO excited to dance on the big stage and when we get the DVD of the recital in the mail she thinks she is a super star.  HAHA!  SO cute!  lol    The songs she danced to were Side by Side (the blue and black costume) and Chitty Chitty B

Today I am posting at Mom It Forward!

Hey guys!  I have some EXCITING news!  Today I am posting over at Mom It Forward ! I have shared my Fiesta Chicken Tacos recipe, it is SO good!  Go check it out!  While you are there, check out all of my other posts I have shared there. The Fiesta Chicken Taco mix is GREAT on nachos as well!  I also made a quesadilla with some of the mix last night and it was AMAZING!  This is also a very frugal meal, the total cost for me was $2.67! Here is the breakdown: Leftover Chicken - Free Black Beans - $0.50 for 1 can Frozen Corn - $0.17 (it was on sale and I used coupons, it was $0.33/bag and I used half a bag) Tomatoes and Green Chilies - FREE (again, on sale and I had a coupon) Tortillas - $2 Total- $2.67!  Now, if you had to buy all of that at regular price it still equals out to a very frugal meal. Enjoy!