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Family Game Night! #DipDipHooray!

Last Thursday was Mads first day of school.  She was SO excited about the new year, but a little nervous.  Mads LOVES school. Since she loves it so much, I wanted to celebrate her first day of second grade with a FUN family game night.  After we dropped her off, MG and I headed to Walmart to pick up all of our goodies. I wanted to get a new game, MG picked out the Princess edition of Candy Land , of course. I also needed to stock up on a few things.  It had been such a crazy busy week leading up to the first day that I just wanted something quick and easy for dinner.  I decided some Tyson Chicken Nuggets and Ore Ida French Fries would be great!  I also needed some ketchup, so I picked up some Heinz Simply Ketchup . Once Mads got home we started getting everything ready.  The girls decided they wanted applesauce with their Nuggets and Fries and they also wanted corn. I was not too hungry so this was my plate. After a quick round of Candy Land we had some

Pony Royale Princess Ponies Review

This post is sponsored by  Pony Royale . I was selected for this opportunity as a member of  Clever Girls Collective , and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. A few months ago I received an email letting me know I had been selected to review some new toys. AWESOME! I knew my girls would be REALLY excited about these because, well....they are totally girlie.  Pony Royale combines what my girls love the most.... Princesses and Ponies. We   We FINALLY had a day that we had absolutely NOTHING planned a few weeks ago.  So, I decided to let the girls open the box.   It is kind of hard to see but Mads face was PRICELESS!  She was SO beyond excited! MG LOVED Starfire, she was immediately attracted to the red. Mads LOVED the blue and black pony, Sky. Each pony comes with two sets of manes and tails and also fun fashion pieces that can be interchanged.  With the two ponies we received, we were able to make over 60 fashion styl

Donating School Supplies to Those in Need

Last week I shared with you that we were purchasing school supplies for kids that recently lost everything in recent wildfires.  At that time we knew 209 homes had been lost.  The number is now closer to 400.  In just one county!  It is heartbreaking! I don't know if you know much about Oklahoman's but, when there is a disaster, we pull through and get things done for each other.  Because so many students lost everything in the fire, Mannford Public Schools got the word out that supplies were needed.  People from all over the state started fulfilling these needs. A dear friend of mine got her youth group involved and started a donation drive at the church we grew up in.  The local fire department also got involved and by the time both of these wonderful groups were done not only did they have school supplies to donate, they also had a single wide trailer that was halfway furnished!  Isn't that amazing!  Some family is going to be truly blessed by the generosity of

Mini Peach Pies - Perfect for Back to School

 If you did not know, we are quickly closing in on the BIG day! What big day is that? The first day of school! We start next week and I have been trying to think of the perfect "gift" for Mads teacher, as well as the perfect treat for her to enjoy after school. Yesterday we went to Walmart to pick up a few last minute school supplies, because in the last 50 trips I have made to get her supplies I have managed to forget a few things.  Off we went to get everything I forgot and pick up a few snack options. We came across these Del Monte Fruit Cups and I had to grab a few.  I knew they would make the PERFECT after school #SmartSnack for Mads, a great side to a healthy lunch for MG, and I also had a special treat in mind for Mads and her teacher. After searching the section over I decided to get Peaches, Pears and Peaches that had been flavored with brown sugar and cinnamon. Once I saw the Diced Peaches with Cinnamon and Brown Sugar I knew EXACTLY

Helping Others go Back to School with Champions for Kids and Bag it Forward

As many of you know, one of my favorite things is to give back to others. Over the weekend Oklahoma suffered catastrophic damage from wildfires.  In the county where I grew up, 209 homes were lost and more than 58,000 acres burned.  This was just one county.  I don't have the numbers for the entire state, but it was bad. My cousin Jared took this pic Saturday Early last week I was given the opportunity to team up with Elmer's and #Champions4Kids for Bag it Forward .  The mission is to purchase quality school supplies and donate to kids in need.  At that time I had planned on donating the items to some girls from church. Then, the fires happened.  Word got out that 47 students from Mannford, Ok alone lost their homes, and everything in them.  Mannford is a small community, 47 is a BIG number of students.  The call went out and started circling around Facebook that school supplies were needed.  I knew this is where I needed to turn my focus. A dear, sweet, fri

Back to School with Cookie's Kids

So, remember last week when I teased you guys with this post? We ended up shopping online at Cookie's Kids . I used the AWESOME #MomsGuide to help me pick out what we wanted. After I got an idea of what we would be looking for, I let Mads go to town! I helped her but, for the most part she picked out everything we purchased.  We sat down and went to the Cookie's Kids website and had a blast shopping!  We were a little overwhelmed with the site, their selection is AMAZING! But, once I got the hang of it and showed Mads what to click on, we were well on our way to a new wardrobe for Back to School. I had $50 to spend and thought it would not get us far.  Boy was I WRONG!  The prices at Cookie's Kids are AMAZING!  I somehow ended up with a $30 credit on my account also, I still don't know where that came from but...I was excited it was there!  So now that I had $80 to spend, I was even MORE excited! Would you like to see what all we got? We purc

Why I LOVE e.l.f!

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to head to Walmart and purchase some new #askelf cosmetics. I was shocked at their selection! They did not offer much variety in certain things but, all together they had a lot to choose from.  One of my favorite items is their Custom Compact. It can be filled with up to 4 pods. I chose to fill mine with eyeshadow. There were only 5 or 6 different shades but luckily, they were shades I liked. I have been using e.l.f for YEARS. I first heard about them on a couponing site. At the time they were having an AMAZING sale online , on top of their already amazingly low prices {$1 for their regular line and $3 for their studio line}. Needless to say, I stocked up!  I quickly fell in love with their brushes. I honestly was not expecting much from a brush that only costs $1. I was surprised when 3 years later, I was still using it! I also already knew I loved their eyeshadow. They are highly pigmented and stay on better than most.  Since