The Creative Princess: Hello Summer - Goodbye Cellulite!

Hello Summer - Goodbye Cellulite!

It has been SO HOT here this week!  We have seriously gone from summer to a super short fall to summer again this year.  We hardly had a winter, if you can even call it that at all, and so far our spring is more like early to mid summer!

Even though it really isn't summer, it is only March for goodness sake, it will be here before you know it.  With summer comes capris, shorts and.....the always dreaded.....swimsuit!  EEEEEEK!!  It is RARE I go anywhere that requires me to be in a bathing suit, if I do....I RUN as fast as my short legs will take me to the pool and get in as quickly as possible for fear of someone seeing me.

All of my life I have battled cellulite.  It has not mattered how fit or active I may have been, it has ALWAYS been there.  I have made a commitment to getting my body as ready as I can for summer this year.  I have been walking, we are going to get bikes soon so I will be riding, and I am going to start Zumba.  Even with all of that I want a bit more of a kick start.

A few years ago, ok like 10 years ago, I used a cellulite cream.  I think from Mary Kay or it may have been Avon.  I can't really remember right now.  However, it did not work and in fact smelled SO bad!  Seriously!  Almost worse than self tanning creams!  The other day I was in Walmart and noticed Nivea now has a cellulite cream....and serum....and even a skin firming moisturizer!  Ooohhh!!  I thought that was pretty cool!  I love Nivea products, they are a brand that I really trust.  I decided to get all three and try them out.

I have been using the products for about 4 days now and can already tell they are helping, it will still be a while before I see the results they talk about on the box though.  I have noticed my skin does feel firmer.

I love that this is a system that works together.  You put the serum and gel on your problem areas and use the firming lotion all over, just like regular lotion.



Skin Firming Moisturizer

I do wish there were more precise directions though.  I am still confused as to what order to apply the serum and gel but, if it is working then I guess it really doesn't matter.  I went on their website and could not find any further instructions either.

Oh!  I forgot to mention the smell!  Oh my goodness!  The smell of all of the products is AMAZING!  It is a clean, fresh scent with just a tiny drop of floral.  No funky smells this time!  YAY!

If you would like to see my entire path to purchase, please check out my Google+ album.

You can learn more about Nivea's Goodby Cellulite line on their website and on Facebook and Twitter.

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.  #Cbias All opinions are my own.

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