The Creative Princess: Weekend Wrap-up 10.30

Weekend Wrap-up 10.30

So, it has been like AGES since I have done an official weekend wrap-up.  It has been just a bit crazy around here, but really what's new....right?

This past weekend was a rare low-key weekend. Hubby was off and we had NOTHING planned.  Well, that was until I got a call from Fox 14's Lindsey Henry wanting to do a story about couponing. Enter hectic rushing around the house cleaning and no sleep! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!  I have been interviewed about couponing before but never for TV my home!  As soon as I get a link to the story, I will let you know. For those of you in the Joplin, Mo or Pittsburg, Ks viewing area, you can watch it tonight on the 9pm news!

While I was being interviewed, hubby took the girls to our land to look for some wood to use in our smoker.  What an adventure that turned into!  MG had a BLAST!  Mads, not so much.  lol  This really does not surprise me though.  They came home and excitedly told me about all of the different animal tracks.....and poop.....they found.  HA!  They also came home with some persimmons.
Do you know about persimmons? Well, they don't taste good so don't worry about a recipe coming soon using them!  lol  But you can cut the seeds open and "predict" how your winter will be. 
 Now, I have not researched on how accurate this use of weather prediction is but, it has been done around here for YEARS.  I tried to cut the seeds open but after nearly cutting my thumb off, hubby took over.  Want to know what we found?
 Spoons! We cut three persimmons open and EVERY. SINGLE. SEED. had a "spoon" inside.  Hubby tells me this means we are going to have a "good" winter. Meaning we will be digging out lots of snow.  SNOW!  Oh I hope so!  I love snow days!!!  {Remember I said this when March gets here and I am ready to pull my hair out if we have a 2 week "snow-day" again.}

The rest of Saturday was pretty uneventful, except for Saturday night. I don't know what was going on but I did NOT sleep well.

Sunday afternoon we carved pumpkins. The girls had a blast!
Mads LOVED digging in the pumpkins and getting all the goop out. MG wanted NOTHING to do with that part.  lol  

After we got the pumpkins cleaned out we let the girls design their pumpkins. Mads was able to draw what she wanted and MG told me what she wanted.  Well, more like showed me.....
She wanted a silly face "like this".

Hubby cut Mads pumpkin out and I did MGs, they are no Pumpkin Brains pumpkins but for us, they were decent.
MGs is on the left and Mads is on the right.

The girls had a blast and to me, that is all that matters.

Oh!  Speaking of Pumpkin Brains! Be sure to watch The List tomorrow night 10/31 TONIGHT at 6:30pm!! {Check your local listings!} My cousin Karrah will be featured!  WooHoo!!

SO! Watch my cousin Karrah at 6:30pm CST on 'The List' then, watch me at 9pm CST on Joplin's Fox 14!

I will have two new recipes up for you this week!  I know!  I must be sick or something, it has been MONTHS since I have had more than 2 posts in a week!  HAHA!  

I hope you all have a wonderful week, a safe Halloween and please continue to pray for the East Coast.

Much Love,

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