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Where are you?!?!

So, those of you that follow me on Facebook or Twitter probably saw my announcement that I would be back to my regular blogging schedule soon.

What you don't know is I wanted to be back like a month ago!  It is so hard getting back into a routine after you have been on a semi-hiatus for such a long time.  Life just kind of stands in the way, you hardly have time to breath some days.

So, what am I doing that is keeping me so busy?
 Well, both girls have dance on Tuesday now.
 MG goes in the morning and Mads goes in the evenings.  Dance is a good 45 minutes away.  So my Tuesday's are spent pretty much in the car.

I recently became the Coordinator for our girls Ministry Department at church.  That is my Wednesday plus any other day that comes up that I am needed.  I have only been in the position for 3 weeks, and am still actually in training, but so far I am loving it and can not wait to implement some fun ideas I have for the girls.  WooHoo!!

Friday's I work on the Walgreens and Target matchups for my friend Sarah over at

So what am I doing the rest of the week?  Well.....working!  lol  Right now I am working as a Campaign Leader for Collective Bias. The campaign I am currently working on is for Nestle Lean Cuisine. I work with 4-10 different bloggers each week until December.  This weeks theme is Lean Cuisine and Couch-to-5K!  I am SO excited about this round!  Since I am the CL I can't actually participate in the campaign but I have already decided I am going to do my own version along side the ladies that will be participating in this round.  I will try to post for you as I go.  I even bought some new walking/running shoes yesterday to celebrate!  HA!  We are "officially" doing the program for 2 weeks, feel free to come do it with us!  I absolutely love working with these bloggers and Collective Bias.  It is an AWESOME community to be part of, it is really more like a family.

If you want to see what exactly Cbias is, check out this video.

Pretty cool right? And I get to be a part of that! Eeek!  Yeah, I totally freak out a little everyday because I am helping make history!  

The rest of my time is spent playing with, cuddling, hugging and loving my sweet girls.  I had a not so great freak out moment last week when I realized MG starts Pre-K next fall.  I mean seriously, it was bad.  lol I mean that's it, once she starts school that's it! I will be turning her over to someone else for 8 hours a day and that makes me so sad.  I know she is going to do great, it is me that is going to be the one crying like a big ol baby in the hall of the school.  Let's not even start talking about the fact that Mads will be in upper elementary next year. OH! MY! GOSH!  So yeah, needless to say, I am cherishing as much time with both my babies as possible.  It won't be long before they are grown with families of their own. *sigh*

SO!  All of that to say, I will be back to my regular blogging schedule soon.  But my soon, and your soon may be totally different.  I hope you still love me anyway.  Feel free to come chat with me on Facebook or Twitter, right now I am looking for fundraising ideas, but nothing that kids have to sale and nothing from a direct sales company.  Not that I don't love direct sales companies, it's just not what we are looking for at this time.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Much love,

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