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I have debated for over a week now about this post. I have edited, wrote, deleted, wrote some more, deleted it all and started over again. Numerous times. Then, as I was listening to my 'morning song' it came to me. The right words, for right now. For today. They may not be the right words for tomorrow, they were not the right words yesterday, they are the words for today. Before I begin, this is my story, nobody asked me to share. In fact the opposite. I was asked to keep quiet. But come on, those of you that know me remotely at all, know how well I do that.

As many of you know, and if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you have already seen my post about this, I have been a volunteer for my friend Sarah for over 5 years on her widely popular coupon/deal site. I will not say I loved every second of it. I mean come on, there were nights I was up until 3am doing matchups for Target and/or Walgreens because I was a procrastinator and waiting until the last minute. But, that was by NO means Sarah's fault. Other than that, I loved every single second of being part of that world. 

I wasn't the only one though. Ohhhh no! There was an entire team of VERY dedicated volunteers. Because of God using Sarah, she brought an amazing team of women together. If any of you have ever worked with a group of women for any amount of time, you know the catty-ness, girl fights, gossip, etc it can bring. There was NONE of that! For the 5 years I volunteered, there was not one time I felt anything but love for and from my Princess Sisters, as we called ourselves, I truly believe that is because it was God's plan for us to be together. Sarah was our Queen, and we were her Princesses, her army.

Because of Sarah's undying faith, she strengthened my faith. A fire was re-lit inside me that had been blown out a long time ago. My walk with the Lord became stronger and it continues to grow stronger. I thank God every day for bringing Sarah into my life and lighting that fire again.

But, it wasn't just that. Sarah had a passion to help people. I can not tell you how many stories I not only read, but heard first hand, of people's lives changing because of this woman! She taught us how to feed our families and stretch our dollars. But, she also taught us to give back. To realize when our pantries were full, to use what we had to be a blessing to those around us. One thing she said that I will never forget "I might not have the money to help someone right now, but I have a pantry full of food." I learned that it did not matter if all we could give was one can of food or 1000 cans of food, it would be a blessing to those that had none either way.

By now, you might be wondering what I am getting at. You see, Sarah is fighting for what she built right now. It is a battle that no matter the outcome, I KNOW she will win. I know this because when I think about the situation I have a calm and feeling of peace about it. Yes, she is fighting hard for what is hers, and yes she is hurting so much right now. Sarah has given to me in so many ways, it is my turn to give back to her. I will be strong for her, I will fight when she can't, I will be by her side and I will pray for her. When she is silenced, I will be her voice! She has been through SO much recently, much more than any person should ever go through. But, I know her well enough to know that she won't quit, she won't give in, SHE is an OVERCOMER! God has big plans for her and I can not WAIT to see her fly and set this world on fire!

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