The Creative Princess: MPM on Friday Part 2

MPM on Friday Part 2

I did one other MPM project this week and wanted to so badly to space them out but I just can't!  I LOVE this project and they turned out so stinking CUTE so I am just going to post it now.

I got these magazine holders a few years ago at IKEA.  LOVE IKEA!  I have like 8 of them.  They have been sitting on the shelf in my hall for, well since at least 2004 because that was the date on one of the magazine's.  Oh my!

Now don't get me wrong, I do love these holders and I do think they are cute but really, they are serving no purpose right now.  I can not tell you the last time I looked at the magazines in them, probably the day I put them in the holder.  Eeek!

I have decided to declutter my life and I am starting with my house.  I don't need any of the magazines in the holders so why am I holding on to them?  My daughter does, however, have a TON of books.  Seriously!  This child has so many books it is scary.  I think we may actually own every Berenstain Bears book EVER published!

So in an effort to take her bookcase from looking like this:

To something much more organized I decided to take those cute old magazine holders and Mod Podge them into this:

Now, isn't that SO much better?  So easy also!  I only did three of the 8 because I ran out of papers but obviously we need a few more, then once I bring all of the other books that we have floating around our house into her room I will need to finish up the rest of them.

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