The Creative Princess: FREE Concerts!!

FREE Concerts!!

A few weeks ago I go I heard about a concert/conference that was coming to my area and decided I wanted to go.  The event was for moms and daughters, PERFECT!  However!  It was geared toward girls from about 8-12.  Not so perfect.  I still wanted to go but didn't want to be that weird mom there without her daughter.  What to do, what to do.  Plus, I really didn't want to have to pay to go.  Yeah, go ahead, you can call me cheap.  Won't be the first time I have heard that one.

About the time I heard the commercial for the event I also heard a commercial telling me that I could sign up with my FAV local radio station and volunteer at some of their events.  FUN!  The best part?  By volunteering I would be able to go to their events and get in for FREE!  HELLO!

I am sure by now you know where I am going with this.

A few days before the event a mass email went out to all that have signed up to volunteer asking for more people to sign up for THE EVENT I WANTED TO GO TO!!!!!!

I quickly shot an email back and within a few minutes was approved.!  WAHOOO!!  So not only do I get to go to the event, I got to go for free!

I will tell you, I have never worked harder in my life!  Oh my goodness!  I helped with merchandise and not only did that mean set it ALL up and sell also meant take it ALL down and count it ALL TWICE!  I was there from 4:30pm to just after midnight!  This old lady just can't hang that long anymore!  I was plum tuckered out!

But it was worth it!

I was able to still see the show and now know that my daughter actually would have LOVED it!  She may not have understood it all but for the most part, she would have.  PLUS, not only did I get to go for free, I was able to get free product for working so hard!  Most of the merchandise was not very age appropriate for my girls but the cute new Veggie Tales DVD was right up their alley! 

So, my point!  If there is a concert coming up that you want to go to but just can not swallow dishing out the $$ for it....sign up with the radio station that is hosting the event and become a volunteer!

May I also say, if you are a mom and have a daughter from 5-13, or 14 or so, GO to Secret Keeper Girl if they ever come near you!  It is AWESOME and the girls will LOVE it!

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