The Creative Princess: 25 Days of a Crafty Christmas Day 16

25 Days of a Crafty Christmas Day 16

Handprint-Snowman Ornament

What you will need:
Ornament of choice ( I like clear plastic ornaments, found at Michaels)
White, Black, Orange Paint (you can add other colors if you would like)
Willing helper

Place a small amount of white paint on a paper plate and place child’s hand in paint.  Move hand around a bit to make sure I is well covered.  If hand has a lot of paint you may want to blot some off with a paper towel.

Place hand on ornament with fingers spread just a little.  Allow to dry.

Once dry you can add your accent paints if you would like.  We have one guy and 3 girls in my little family so I did green, red and pink paint to spruce it up a bit.  I added a top hat, scarves, and ear warmers to my snowmen.  Allow to dry.

That’s it!  I LOVE doing these with my children each year.  It is amazing just how much their hand grows in a year.  I also like to put the year and child’s initials on the ornament.

*These make GREAT gifts for Grandparents AND teachers!
Oh and the funny little thing on the thumb is a cat snowman.  lol

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