The Creative Princess: 25 Days of a Crafty Christmas Day 17

25 Days of a Crafty Christmas Day 17

Gift Tags

While walking through Target yesterday I was FLOORED at how much gift tags were!  Ok, maybe it is because I am cheap but still!  The cute ones were like $5 for 10 of them!  You have GOT to be kidding me!

Once I got home I realized I had everything to make them!

What you will need:

Located a design that you like, go to and edit the pic, add text, etc.

Save pic to your computer and open Word (or similar file).  Copy about 6 images onto your doc and print.

Cut tags and place on gifts.

That is IT!  SO easy and it cost me NOTHING!

If you have the time and want to get really creative you can add glitter or ribbon or just about anything to make them REALLY pop.  But, who has time to do that right now?  lol

Here are the ones I made!  I LOVE them!

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