The Creative Princess: 25 Days of a Crafty Christmas Day 3

25 Days of a Crafty Christmas Day 3

I recently took a stroll around to see what I could recreate.  Well, I came across this lovely creation!  Isn't that so CUTE!  But, since I do NOT have a Pottery Barn budget I decided to make my own version.

Here is what you will need:

One roll of Organza Ribbon (I think the one I got was 5 yards)
Plastic Ornaments (I purchased mine at Walmart for $1 each sleeve, I used 2 sleeves)

Take pre-tied strings off ornaments
Tie ribbon of various lengths on each ornament
Hang ALL ornaments from one long piece of ribbon and tie in place
Take a few pieces of ribbon and make a big floppy loopy bow
Tie to bundle of ornaments

In the end you should have something that looks like this

Please do forgive me, I did have pictures from the other steps to show you but I have lost my camera that they are on.

I know this isn't as BIG as the one from Pottery Barn but I like it and it is the perfect size for my house, you can make yours bigger, or even smaller.

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