The Creative Princess: 25 Days of a Crafty Christmas Day 6

25 Days of a Crafty Christmas Day 6

Christmas Card Holder

Ok, I do NOT have a fireplace.  :(  Tragic, I KNOOOOW!!!  So, so tragic.

So, since I do not have a fireplace, I do not have a mantel.

So, since I do not have a mantel I can't hang the Christmas cards I receive like garland off the Mantel.

*GASP*  What is a girl to do? 

Well, get CREATIVE that is what!

I have this picture in my living room.....

Yes, I AM aware that it is broken.  :(  It is my absolutely FAVORITE piece in my house.  I will get it fixed one of these days.

But, for now....on with the show....

What you will need:

Picture from your wall
Wrapping Paper
Paper Clips

Take picture off of wall
Wrap like a present (leave the part that you use to hang picture up free of paper)
Place Ribbon around Frame (I taped mine in the back, wrapped around to front and taped on the other side of the back)
Place Picture back on wall
Tie Ribbon on Paper Clips
Place Clips on Ribbon that is on your Frame
Add Cards!

Yes, I know the paper is a little LOUD but, all the colors match my tree.  :)

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