The Creative Princess: 25 Days of a Crafty Christmas Day 8

25 Days of a Crafty Christmas Day 8

Cinnamon Candle

I LOVE the look of those cute little candles with cinnamon sticks all the way around them.  I don't like the price though!

What you will need:
Candle of choice
Cinnamon Sticks

For this size candle I used 2 bags of sticks.
At first it took a bit for the sticks to stick to the candle but, once my glue was hot enough I did not have a problem.

Place Candle on surface, I used a piece of wax paper on my table to protect it.
Determine the best placement for stick.  It helped to move the stick around a bit to make sure it was a good fit before gluing it on.
Place hot glue on stick, not candle, then place on candle.  You will want to hold it in place for just a few seconds.
Repeat until you have no open spots.
Add ribbon to dress it up a bit more if you would like, or just leave it as is.

I thought it needed a bit more Oomph so I added a bow.  I just used a hairbow I had lying around that I had not had a chance to finish yet.

Yes, I know the bow is a bit BIG but, I like it.

The other great thing about this candle is I don't even have to light it!  The cinnamon smell is awesome!  I suggest if you plan on lighting the candle to spray the sticks with some sort of flame retardant, the sticks can catch on fire very easily.  Use caution and common sense.

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