The Creative Princess: Disney Dining Plan vs Out of Pocket

Disney Dining Plan vs Out of Pocket

Before checking the prices against each other we went ahead and booked the DDP (Disney Dining Plan).  We opted for the Deluxe option which allows you 3 sit down meals a day per person and also 2 snacks a day per person.  To me it just makes it easier to go ahead and put the plan on our trip and have all of the meals paid for before our trip and not have to worry about coming up with the cash once we are there.
In no partcilar order our Breakfasts include dining at:

For Lunch we have opted for:

And for Dinner ( I am REALLY excited about these) we will have:

Adding the DDP is a cost of about $72/per day for adults and $21/day for children.  Four our stay this comes to a total of $660.

Now, let's add up how much it would cost per day if we were not on the DDP and still going to all of the restaurants above.  I did look ahead at the menus and picked what I thought my family would enjoy and based my totals off of that.

The grand OOP total comes to....drum roll please.....$970!!!


So, I would say we are getting a GREAT deal by purchasing the DDP!

Now granted, if we did not have the DDP we probably would not do all the restaurants we are doing and eat REALLY cheap.  But, both my hubby and I went in to this saying "We may never go back, it isn't that much more to add the DDP, we never eat like this and it would be really fun, SO!  Why not?"

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