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Packing for Disney

Where do I begin?  There is just SO much to remember!  Don't forget extra socks!  Extra shirts!  Extra undies!!  Oh the list just goes on and on.  Here are my top 10 things to take with you and are a MUST!

10) Bring take and toss sippy cups.  Some locations in Disney do not offer lids/straws which make it hard for the little ones to drink.  Be sure to bring some sippy cups for them that you do not care about throwing away or loosing.

9) Disposable Bibs.  If your child will be wearing a special outfit one day (maybe a princess costume?) and you will be eating before taking some prime pictures Disposable Bibs are great!  They are easy to pack, they are very small, and you just throw them away when you are done.  Plus, they will help protect that special outfit.

8) Don't forget rain ponchos!  If you have never been to Florida, let me just tell you rains.....a LOT!  I don't care what month you are going in, it will rain at least one day while you are there!  Don't be caught unprepared, I warned you.  Head to the $ Store before you leave and stock up on ponchos.  They come 2 to a pack.  While they aren't the prettiest things in the world they will keep you dry, and it beats paying $10 for one at the park.

7) Take a bag with lots of pockets.  I purchased a little purse just to use for Black Friday.  It has TONS of little pockets and the strap is WAY long so I can wear it across my torso.  Little did I know at the time it will also come in handy for our trip.  While cruising I came across a thread about what bags are the best and guess what!!  My little purse was in there!  AWESOME!

6) SUNSCREEN!!  It is VERY sunny in Florida.  Protect yourself and pack sunscreen!  Slather it on before you leave your resort in the morning and pack a travel-size bottle to reapply in the afternoon.

5) Disposable Washcloths.  You may not always be able to go back to your room to "freshen up" before dinner.  You can find these handy little washcloths in the baby department at your local Walmart or Target.  There are family restrooms at the parks that you can freshen up in.

4) Glow Sticks.  Some of the rides at WDW can get dark.  If you are like me and have a child that is a little afraid of the dark these will help.  Just keep them in your bag and when you get on the ride pop them out and let her hold one.  It will give just enough light to make her feel a bit more comfy but not too much light to detract from the ride.

3) Hand Sanitizer.  You may not always be at a place to run over to a bathroom and wash your hands.  Better take some hand sanitizer or little wipes with you.  Plus, you just never know who sat in that seat before you and what they were doing.  It may have been some snotty kid.  EW!  Ok so maybe the hand sanitizer is just for my sanity.  lol

2) Over the Door Shoe Organizer.  Yes, I know this one is a bit off the wall.  I thought so at first two when someone was first passing this tip to me.  BUT!  This is why!  If you have ever stayed at a hotel and know the morning shuffle then you know things get crazy and messy.  Label the organizer with one name per pocket.  Then make a label for things such as bows, first aid kit, shoes, etc.  This will also make it easy on mousekeeping by keeping things up and out of the way.  You can also add labels for shoes, socks, hair dryer, hair straightener, etc if you have enough spots.

AND.....................................................................DRUM ROLL PLEASE...........................................
My #1 FAVORITE tip is.....................................................

1) Zip-lock Bags!!  What?  Really?  Why?  Well, let me tell you!  When at home, while you are packing, go ahead and make out complete outfits for each child.  One pair of socks, one pair of undies, one bottom and one top.  Place the outfit in a zip-lock bag, squeeze the air out and pop it in your suitcase.  The first reason to do this is it will take up less space by packing like this.  Next, once you get to your hotel you are not trying to find missing socks or bottoms to match this shirt, it is already together, just toss the bag to your child and they will be dressed in no time with no fighting!  THEN!  On your way out the door to whatever park you are visiting that day, just pop and extra bag with outfit in your main bag (just in case you know).  Your child is bound to get sticky or wet at some point I am sure, but lucky for you, you have extra clothes!  Not only do you have extra clothes, you have a waterproof bag to put the other (probably wet) clothes in.  ;)  How genius is THAT?!?!

So, there you have it!  My top 10 things to make sure to pack for WDW!

What are some of your tips?

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