The Creative Princess: Where to find Disney Info....

Where to find Disney Info....

Some people have asked me where I am getting my info.  After all, the last time I went to Disney was 198something!  How can I possibly know and remember things since then!?

Well, I am going to let you in on a few of my FAVORITE sites and tell you why I love them.  You will be a Disney expert in no time (or at least think you are).

I started on the Disney website actually!  They have an AMAZING Moms Panel and trust me, every question you have has been answered!  Just do a search and away you go.

It was while I was looking around on the Moms Panel that I found  You can find a LOT of info here.  They have reviews on restaurants, resorts, parks, just about anything that can be reviewed at WDW is reviewed at All Ears.  And they are HONEST reviews.  They also have complete menus.  Some of the menus have not been updated recently so the actual costs might be a bit off but, it is a great place to start when trying to budget for meals. has a lot of tips also but I mainly use them for their free printables.  You can find all kinds of printables. is another GREAT site!  Lots of info here as well, reviews, discount codes, etc.

One of my all time FAVS though would have to be DisBoards  Oh! My! Goodness!  If there is anything you still have questions about after visiting all of the above sites, you will find the answer on DisBoards.  Hands down this was the most informative site.  I didn't know you could decorate your door/window while at Disney, didn't even know people would even think or want to do that.  But they do!  And now that I know this I think that is a GREAT idea!  I also learned here that while digging for pearls at either Epcot or DTD you should go for the ugliest, hairiest oyster you can find.  I also learned that the place that let's you dig for them in Epcot has the lowest prices but the DTD location has the best selection.  You will find honest reviews (sometimes a little too honest) about everything.  I do mean EVERYTHING! 

One more!!  Again, the standard reviews and such like everyone else.  BUT!  This site breaks EVERYTHING down!  PLUS, there is another site that charges you for info regarding what are the best parks to visit on what days and how the crowd level looks.  Easy WDW gives you this info for FREE!

So, those are my top sites that I turn to should I ever have a question.

What are some of your favorite Disney info sites?

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