The Creative Princess: I did it all myself!!

I did it all myself!!

Liking the new look as much as I am?

Want to know how I did it all?

Well, ok we go....

First, I went to a Blogging Bootcamp hosted by Sarah Roe and CC Miller.
They told me all of their secrets, well as many as they could get out in those three hours, and I came home and started going to the sites they talked about.

First, lets start with MakinCuteBlogs and Design It! Love It! she has a TON of tutorials.  

Seriously, a TON!

I also like TheCutestBlogontheBlock and of course google.

If there was ever a question about something I didn't fully understand I just googled it.

For a cute (simple) yet snazzy background I just discovered

Now, before today I would have had a complete page full of sites I LOVE with those cute backgrounds.  However, PatternCooler has ALL of them beat!  Yes, ALL of them!

I discovered PatternCooler thanks to google, it was on like page 5 I think, so worth the wait!

Why do I like PC?  WELL!  You pick the background pattern you like.  You then pick the color combo YOU want, then you pick the size of patter YOU want.  You can even adjust the fade of the pattern........ and the best is SOOOO easy! 

And the VERY best part??

TOTALLY FREE!  Yep, 10000% free!  WooHoo!!

Now, if you want to add cute fonts and signatures and post dividers I suggest you check out Kevin and Amanda!

Talk about put you on a cute font overload!  Oh my!

Have fun with your blog my friends!  Make it your own!  Do what YOU like!

I think I am FINALLY happy with mine....for now.

Now, this is the free way to go about doing a blog makeover.  There are PLENTY of sites out there that will design the entire thing for you and will even install it!  WOW!

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