The Creative Princess: Homemade Challenge Week 1 Review

Homemade Challenge Week 1 Review

So, I started my challenge yesterday.  We finally ran out of what bread we had.  I decided to make the PW Cinnamon Rolls that I talked about here and also my Flitter Dough.

Let me tell you!  When PW says to use a medium saucepan, she really means a BIG one that you make a lot of spaghetti sauce or chili in.  Seriously!  You will need a big one if you don't halve the recipe.  I was able to make 50 cinnamon rolls and one loaf of bread out of the Cinnamon Roll dough!


FIFTY Cinnamon Rolls!  FIFTY!  AND a loaf of bread!

Needless to say, those babies were covered and placed in the freezer for later and I baked the bread today.  YUMMMMMEEEEEEEE!!!!

And the flitters?  Well I actually made those to make the bread out of.  I decided to use it ALL for flitters instead.  YUM!

So....what did you make during week 1?

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