The Creative Princess: Homemade Challenge - Week 3 Review

Homemade Challenge - Week 3 Review

How did you do this week?
I was a MAJOR slacker!  lol  Since I made so much bread during week 2 we were still good for week 3.

Let's see, my SIL and her family came into town last week so we ate out the first night.  My hubby worked evenings ALL last week so it was just the girls and I.  We did end up eating out a few nights this week, we just do when it is the three of us.  I don't feel like cooking a massive meal when hubby isn't home.  Plus it was HOT last week and that mean my kitchen will reach 5000 degrees when I use my oven and that just isn't cool.  

I do plan on making some breadsticks for a dinner my Prims Class is hosting this week.  If you are in our area come and support us!  It is totally FREE!  We are accepting donations though, the girls would like to have t-shirts with the Prims Club logo on them.

Good luck with week 4!  Can you believe it has been a month already?  I know!  Me neither!

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