The Creative Princess: It's the simple things.....

It's the simple things.....

This week we ate EVERY meal at our dining room table.


As a family.

It has been GREAT!

In one week my oldest has helped us cook our meals and even started unloading the dishwasher on her own (except for the knives, it will still be a while before she can handle those on her own).  
She set the table tonight for the first time by herself.
Tonight, my youngest blessed our meal with the sweetest prayer.  Granted, none of us could understand her but I know God could and I know he was smiling down on her.  She was SO proud of herself.  It was seriously the cutest thing in the world!
I love my sweet little family and look forward to many, many more meals around our little dining room table.

Because of our kitchen remodel it had been months since the last time we ate at our little table.  So glad to have it back and to be sitting around it again.

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