The Creative Princess: Strawberry Bread....

Strawberry Bread....

Don't you love it when all things seem to just fall into place and you feel like this is what you are supposed to be doing?
A few months ago I found some CUTE Paula Deen loaf pan liners at Michaels, on clearance!  I got 2 packs (20 liners in each) for like $0.10!  I have been saving them for the perfect recipe.

The other day my friend Kristy, over at MommyHatesCooking, posted one of her aunts recipes the other day.  It was for Strawberry Bread!  YUM!

It just so happened that Aldi was having a rocking sale on strawberries.  Let's just say I got about a dozen pints!  

Yes, I DO have a lot of plans for them!

The first plan was to make the Strawberry Bread.  Do you now see how everything just fell into place?

I don't have the cute loaf pans that the liners were meant for though.  So, I just used my 9x13 pan and put 3 liners in it.  
I left them in the oven a bit too long but they still taste GREAT!

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