The Creative Princess: First Family Vacation - Our First Night on Property

First Family Vacation - Our First Night on Property

After we checked into the hotel, Disney's Coronado Springs, we unpacked, freshened up and made our way to Down Town Disney (DTD).

Because we stayed on property we were able to take complete advantage of Disney Transportation, that includes buses, boats and monorail.

The resort we stayed at does not share a bus with any other resort, like some of them do, so we never waited more than 5 minutes for a bus.  It was great!

So on our way to DTD I was trying to get everything organized and placed my nice sandals on the seat beside me to better organize our backpack.  One of the girls distracted me, imagine, and I completely forgot about my sandals.

I would never see them again.  Ugh!

We made a quick run through the World of Disney, the largest Disney store, to find the girls new dresses for dinner.  Once we had dresses in bag and bag in hand we made our way to our reservation for the evening, 1900 Park Fare inside the Grand Floridian.
Our wait was perfect as it gave us time to get the girls changed and for me to get spruced up again.  Also, as you are waiting you are ushered in to take a pic in front of a mural of the French countryside with the castle in the back.  We were next in line when they called us to be seated, which was perfect because we really did not want the pic.

As we were seated the characters were just finishing up one of their rounds.  It was not long before they were all back out again.  The caracters we saw were Prince Charming, the ugly but very entertaining step-sisters and Lady Tremain (Cinderella's step-mother) and of course Cinderella.  Our favorites were the step-sisters and Lady Tremain.

Once of the sisters saw that Prince Charming had already been to our table and asked Mads "Well, did he tell you he was supposed to marry me instead of my sister?  He was!"  lol  It was SO funny!

Lady Tremain was by FAR our favorite though!  It was hysterical!  MG LOVED her, I mean did not want her to LOVED her!  If you know MG you know this just doesn't happen with anyone and you pretty much have to be family for her to act this way with you.  Wonder you Lady Tremain reminded her of?  Oh well.  ;-)

As she approached our table she looked down at Madison with disgust in her face and asked "So, do you share your chores or do you do your own?"  HA!  Then she saw the girls had flowers and said "Oh, I see you have props.  I guess we better use them."  Then she posed the girls with their flowers.  It was so funny!
MG waiting for the next character

FINALLY they announced Cinderella and Mads was in heaven!

The food here was the worst we had at the park and will not go back to eat.  If we go back it will be solely for the characters.

Oh and the desserts.  The desserts were GREAT!  They were tiny so you did not feel bad at all for eating....say three of them...not that I did that.  Ok, I did.  They were good!  Oh!  They also had Strawberry Soup, it was really good as well.  Other than dessert and the soup, the food was just OK at best.

My favorite!

The Grand Floridian offers all 3 kinds of Disney Transportation to and from their property.  So, After dinner we took the monorail to Epcot and took the bus from Epcot back to our resort.

It was AWESOME!  From the monorail we were able to see the castle at night, for the first time.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  We were also able to see the fireworks at Epcot.  It was AWESOME!  It totally got us in the Disney Spirit!

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