The Creative Princess: First Family Vacation - Third Day in Parks - Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

First Family Vacation - Third Day in Parks - Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Once I saw your little girl could become a Princess I was SO reserving a spot for Mads.

At Walt Disney World there are two locations available for you to do this.  One is at Downtown Disney and the other is inside MK at the Castle.  We were booked at the Castle.

After a quick refresh and nap from our busy morning we were back at MK waiting patiently for our turn to turn our little girl into our little princess.  She was SO excited!

When you walk in you tell them your child's name and what package you will be getting.  Then you pick out all of your options according to your package.

We were getting the Castle package which includes everything, hair, makeup, costume, shoes, crown, nails, pictures and more.

After all info is received you get to escort your little girl over to an area to pick out her shoes, dress, etc.  Once she has it all picked out you let your Fairy Godmother in Training know and she sets everything up.  Once she gets everything just right she will then escort you back to the dressing room where she says some Fairy Godmother stuff then FLINGS the curtain open to reveal EVERYTHING!  It was so cute and I got so caught up with it I even gasped!  HA!

The shoes were stacked but one of the girls messed them up before I could get a pic

Once everything is on and double checked that it all fits you are then escorted to another Fairy Godmother in Training to complete your makeover.


It is at this point your daughter will pick out what hair she wants.  Mine, of course, wanted the exact one I did NOT want her to get.  Ugh!  This being her thing I kept my mouth shut and let her get it.  I did interrupt and ask her to do a color close to her real hair color and not rusty tomato red!  She also gets a VERY generous dusting of Pixie Dust (do NOT say glitter, it is NOT glitter while you are in the presence of a Fairy Godmother in Training).


MG had to get in on the action as well.....


Once everything is JUST RIGHT it is time for the BIG reveal!

It was priceless!  She was SO excited to see herself.  It was pretty stinking cute!
Once you have your reveal, you check out then go to the building next door and get your pictures taken (if this is included in your package).  The photographer we got was kind of odd but he was decent.  You will get one 6x8 (or something like that, it was a weird size and not an 8x10) and also 4 4x6 shots.  Your favorite shots will be your big pic then you pick two other shots for each set of the 4x6's.

The final results.....


Isn't she CUTE?!?!?!
Oh my goodness she loved it SO much!

MG would not leave her sisters wand alone so she ended up getting one for herself....


Then it was off to ride another ride while we waited for dinner.

*My Notes*
Make your reservations EARLY!  As soon as your book your trip, book a spot at BBB if you even THINK you will want to do this for your little girl.  You can always cancel later.  While we were waiting on our turn we saw about 10 people come in asking to get in.....they were booked solid.....those people weren't very happy.

I had heard to try to get your spot booked at the DTD location and not the Castle.  They said the Castle location is very small and not near the selection as the DTD location.  While the Castle location is small I wasn't cramped at all.  Plus, they keep one of each dress, shoe, purse, wand, gloves, etc in the front and all the sizes and extras are stored in the back, we had no issue with it not being stocked.

Since we have done the Castle package for Mads, we will NOT being doing it again for her.  OH! MY! WORD!  It was EXPENSIVE!  But, it was worth it.

When we go back and it is MG's turn we will probably try to get a morning appointment so she can be special all day and not just a few hours.

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