The Creative Princess: Frist Family Vacation - 2nd Day in Parks - Epcot Part 1

Frist Family Vacation - 2nd Day in Parks - Epcot Part 1

I am going to do Epcot in a two part series.  Yes, there is THAT much info!  Plus there are TONS of pics and I don't want to drown you in all of them at once.

We started our morning with early reservations at Akershus in the Norway pavilion at Epcot.

Oh! My! Word!

Let's just say, I could pack up right now and move to Norway!  I LOVED the old Scandinavian style buildings.

We were the second family to enter the restaurant that morning and what a BEAUTIFUL restaurant it is!

You are greeted outside by some cast members then you are shown to an area where.....Belle (yes, THE Belle from Beauty and the Beast) is.  If my mom would have been with us I can promise you she would have been crying at the moment she turned her head and saw her.  She kind of likes Belle.

As for my girls, they were in Princess Heaven!
After you meet Belle and get your picture taken with her, you are escorted to your table.

The service here was great, the best we had during our entire trip I think.

Akershus is a buffet and also a family style meal.  The buffet offers muffins, bagels and other pastries along with fresh fruit, cheese and fish.  At the table you are brought your hot items that include, eggs, breakfast potatoes, sausage and I think there was one other thing but I can't remember what that is right now.  Everything (except the fish, totally not a fish person) was great!

While you are eating, other princesses come out to greet you.  Cinderella was by far MG's favorite, Cinderella even gave her a HUGE hug and kissed her on the forehead.  It was so stinking cute!  Ariel was of course Mads favorite, she has loved Ariel since she was two.
Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
 Waiting on more princesses
 lol MG looks like she is keeping her eye on Mads.  Mads better not get too close to Cinderella!
 One last hug and kiss
 She was so silly
After the Princesses have made their rounds they parade all the kids through the restaurant then I guess read a story, we didn't stay for that part.  We had things to do!

We would DEFINITELY go back to eat here!

This was the best Princess experience between this restaurant and the castle.

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