The Creative Princess: I was on the NEWS!

I was on the NEWS!

Yes, you read that right.  I.....was on.....THE......NEWS!  Exciting right?  I KNOW!

If you live within 60 miles of me, or are one of my close friends you already know this.

For those of you that missed it here is the deal......

I friends Sarah {also known as Money Saving Queen} was a busy, BUSY lady a few weeks ago during Black Friday....or Thursday as it turned out.  She asked her readers to send in their BF deals so she could feature them on the news!  Well, I had an AMAZING deal so I was ALL over that!

What was my deal, you ask?

It was this BEAUTIFUL necklace from The Vintage Pearl (TVP).

I absolutly LOVE it!

I only paid $4 for it!!

Now, let me explain how I got this deal.

As I mentioned Monday, it is all about working the deal!  TVP has put a few gift certificate deals on Groupon, this is where I started.  Back in August (I think) TVP teamed up with Groupon and put an AMAZING deal up!  For just $15 you could purchase a $30 gift certificate!  That's AWESOME!

Ok, I know I said I only paid $4 and that just doesn't make since, especially when I said I purchased a $15 Groupon.  Well, here is how it went down!

When your friends sign up with Groupon you get a $10 credit!  I had enough credit to purchase the TVP certificate for.....FREE!

I knew TVP would have some specials coming up so I sat and waited and waited and waited.  Then BAM!  They announced they would be open on Black Friday and if you were able to get there before a certain time you got so much off  your total.


I was able to get there before the deal ended.  HOWEVER, I was not able to get the full BF special because I was using a Groupon.  STINK!  I was a little bummed but got over it because I really love TVP and I really love this necklace.  The girl that checked me out still offered a 10% discount though, I gladly accepted.

So there you have it!  That is how I was able to snag my beautiful $38 TVP necklace for just $4!  AWESOME!

Oh, and you can find the video of the news segment here.

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