The Creative Princess: Kitchen Pantry Organization

Kitchen Pantry Organization


Yes.  THAT is my pantry.  Yep, totally out of control!
Where would you like me to start?

The top shelf is pretty much a catch all.

The next shelf is for all my baking stuff.  Can you see that floral box in the very back?  Yeah I have two of them side by side.  That was my lame attempt at trying to organize the mess.  

The boxes are both empty.

The next shelf I use for my taller items.

Then I have another catch all and small appliance storage.

Finally, the very bottom.  It has more small appliances, my reusable shopping bags, placemats for my girls and a random Christmas box I forgot was down there that I was totally going to use.  Ugh!

As you can see it needs to be organized.  I got a nice Target GC for Christmas and I plan of using it for organization things.  Bins, boxes, canisters, maybe a lazy susan or two...or four.

I will post a pic when I am all done and of course let you know what products I use.

Stay tuned!

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