The Creative Princess: Let the sun shine!

Let the sun shine!

As my hubby and I were driving to his doctors appointment this morning I noticed something.  Something I had never noticed before.


Yes, houses!

We have driven down that highway hundreds, if not thousands of times.  I have never EVER noticed these houses before!  You may be thinking, 'well, they must be new'....nope.  They are not.  In fact they were rather old.  The only reason I noticed them this time?  The sun was shining right on them.

That got me thinking....oh boy..I know. got me thinking.  We are like that with people also.  How many people do you pass by each day?  A few?  A few hundred?  A few thousand maybe?  Do you even notice half the people you pass by?  Probably not.  Would you notice them if they were in the 'spotlight'?  Probably.

Why is it that every day we pass by people and never notice?  Do you think maybe God put them in your path for a reason?  Maybe it is just to look up and smile at them, or just to say a quick hello.  Maybe that is all they need to keep them going.  Maybe they are having a really bad day and your smile or your quick hello were enough to lift their spirits and change the outcome of the day.

Don't wait for the sun to shine on them before you notice them...become the sun that shines on them!  
Let your sun shine down on them!

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