The Creative Princess: Mommy's stress release...

Mommy's stress release...

Last night my hubby and I decided to go to Walmart and also the grocery store.

Less than a week before Christmas.

With two CrAzY girls.

What were we thinking?!?!

By the time we got home I was so stressed out I could hardly think straight.  It was pretty bad.  At our first stop, the grocery store, my hubby was loading the girls in the car and also loading the groceries.  Some how Mads ended up flipping over her seat and landing head down between her seat and the door, with her sweet little face smashed against the door.  I was dragging behind because I did a second transaction.  When I got to the car I noticed Mads was crying and John was hugging her.  It was awful!  She wasn't bleeding and seemed fine, other than scared and sore.  Poor baby looked rough with her scratched up face and already missing teeth.  lol

So, on to dinner and Walmart we went.

Walmart was NUTS!  NUTS I tell you!

Again, WHAT were we thinking?!?!

We got what we needed, and a ham because they had just marked them down to $1/lb!  AMAZING, couldn't pass THAT up.  Loaded everything in the car and came home.

All the way home all I could think about was this drink.  My friend Kristy (btw, today is her birthday!!) created the recipe for it and I have tweaked it just a bit.

Any time I need a pick me up, and I have everything I need for it....I do NOT hesitate to make it.  It is just sooo good and when you drink it your body literally goes "Ahhhhhh......thank you!"  Perfect huh?  I think so!


Mommy's Stress Relief (AKA Italian Cream Soda)
(adapted from Mommy Hates Cooking)
Clear American Strawberry Flavored Water
Vanilla Torani Syrup
Half and Half

Fill your cup, glass or jar with ice (I like it half full actually).  Pour in your ingredients to your liking.  I happen to like more half and half, call me's cool.  I like the creaminess of more half and half.  Stir and drink.  There really are no measurements because you just make it how you like, if might like more of the water in it.  It doesn't matter how you make it, just make it!

I think it would also be good with the Apple flavored water and Peppermint syrup!  Mmmm!!  The combination options are just about endless.


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