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Open your eyes

Growing up I lived in a very, VERY small town.  There was poverty but being young, I did not really notice.  I then moved to the Dallas area.  People there {seemed} to have all the money in the world and had no problems spending it.  I know there was poverty but I did not see it, I saw the overly materialistic side.

Almost 8 years ago I moved to another rather small town in Oklahoma.  I didn't want to be here.  I cried a lot and prayed that God would move me from here.  After a while I began to change my thinking.  I started to think that God doesn't do things for no apparent reason.  There is a reason for everything.  I started to pray that God would open my eyes and show me why he planted me here.  What is it that I am supposed to do while I am here?

It took a while, but it is God's time, not mine.  I also prayed that I would find a church here that I could take my kids to and watch and help them grow spiritually.  I found a church about a year and a half ago.  I knew there was a reason God put me at this church.  About a year ago I started working in the Girls Ministry department.  Boy were my eyes opened!  Just recently I started helping in the Children's Church department.  Man oh man were my eyes opened even more!

For the past few months I have been able to watch and help these kids grow in Christ.  It has been AMAZING.  There is NOTHING that compares to seeing a child worship the Lord and ask Him into their little hearts.

I have also been able to see another side of these kids.  There is a sad side.  Most of the children I work with range in age from 6-13.  A lot of these kids have had to grow up REALLY quickly, for one reason or another.  They are faced every day with a life most grown adults I know have never faced and would crumble if they did have to live that way.  Some of the kids are hungry, some are cold, some come to church so sad and depressed.  But when they are there they get to be kids, they get to be warm, they are fed (in so many ways).  It is heart wrenching to me knowing that when we let them go for the night they will return to being cold and hungry in just a few short hours.

A lot of people I know blame the parents.  While I do as well at times, I have also seen the other side of it.  I have seen the dad that works 3 jobs just to be able to put gas in his car to get from one job to another so he can try to provide for his family.  This leaving the kids at home alone to take care of each other.  Yes, that is terrible but, that is just reality and what happens so often you don't even know it goes on.  Yes, there are some bad parents out there but there are a lot of good ones that just need a break.  My eyes have been opened.
I am not going to tell you just yet what my reason is that God has opened my eyes (and heart) to because it is still in the planning process.  But I know it will impact this community in a HUGE way and will be such a blessing to these kids.  I am SO excited about it and am SO glad God has opened my eyes to this.
I have had my eyes opened, I see God everyday in theses kids eyes and hearts.  It is amazing and I am so grateful that I was chosen to help.

My eyes are open, are yours?

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