The Creative Princess: Top 10 Frugal Christmas Gifts

Top 10 Frugal Christmas Gifts

I can not tell you how hard it was for me to narrow this list down to my top 10!  There are just SO many great ideas out there and sooooo many YUMMY recipes for stuff in jars.  But, I did it!  WooHoo!

{Top 10 Frugal Christmas Gifts}

Baby Doll Diapers – These are just darling!  They are also SUPER easy to make.  

S’mores cake in a jar – from How Sweet it Is.  Now, doesn’t that look UH-MAZING?!?!  I knoooooow!!!  I haven’t made this….yet….but plan to soon.  I will TRY to refrain from eating the lot since they will be for gifts.

Homemade Heating Pad – This is a great universal gifts.  Everyone has aches and pains.  Plus, you can use these to warm up little kids beds (just be sure to remove them before placing the child in bed).

Hot Chocolate Truffles – OH! MY! WORD!  I think this is a BRILLIANT idea!  You just take one of these babies and plop it (carefully) into a cup of warm/hot milk, stir and voila….instant hot chocolate!  YUM! 

Ruffle Flower Scarf – This is just beautiful!  Any girl, of any age, would LOVE this!

Scrapbook Style Cookbook – Ok.  I must confess.  I am a lover of cookbooks.  Of all sorts, sizes, etc.  I love giving (and receiving) family recipes.  I LOVE this idea of using simple recipe cards, scrapbook paper, mod podge and binder rings.  I mean really, it is easy and CUTE!

Family Birthday Calendar – This idea rocks my socks!  I have a HUGE family, seriously….outside of the Duggers….HUGE!  It is soooo hard to remember everyone’s birthdays {especially if they aren’t on facebook}.  All you need is a board, some glue, a few hooks and some charms (or small round pieces of paper).  Oh and paint.  You could also pick up a pre-made “Family” or “Birthdays” sign at pretty much any craft store/fair.

BBQ Rub – I had to include something semi-manly.  I say semi-manly because honestly, I would actually like this gift as well.  You just mix a few spices, put it in a jar, tie it with manly ribbon and you are set!  Easy peasy! 

Fire Starter – I am IN LOVE with those cute baskets full of pinecones and sticks that you find this time of year at stores such as Target.  I however do NOT like their price tag.  This is SO easy to make!  You just bundle some dried herbs and small pinecones in a sheet of newspaper and tie the ends with raffia or twine.  Put  the bundle underneath the logs in your fireplace, with paper ends sticking out then light the newspaper ends.  I also like this version but, a bit more work is involved.  Also, don’t forget the matches!!

Ornament – Isn’t this pretty?  I love the fact they they used something so special to fill it.  You could also use a birth announcement, lyrics to a song that the person loves, coupons….really the options are limitless.

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