The Creative Princess: Top 5 Frugal Christmas gifts for Teachers and a request....

Top 5 Frugal Christmas gifts for Teachers and a request....

Last year I made my daughters teacher a pair of cute dish gloves, pie-in-a-jar and homemade candied pecans.  She LOVED it.


This year I plan on doing something totally different.  I am not going to give it away.....just in case a certain teacher I know may be reading this.  But just know, it IS included in my Top 5.

TCP's Top 5 Frugal Teacher Gifts
1) Breakfast in a Box - I love, love, LOVE this idea!  Teachers work hard day in and day out.  When they get home, most of them, have kids of their own to take care of.  They are tired, they are stressed, they need a break!  Being a busy mom I know I would LOVE to receive this gift so I can imagine my teacher friends would love it just as much.  Who wouldn't want to have a meal taken care of?  It's one less thing to stress about!

2) 12 Days of Christmas - This is such a CUTE idea!  You can give this as one lump gift or allow your child to take one gift per day for 12 days.  Either way it is sure to put a smile on your teachers face.

3) Creative Words Artwork - I think this is a wonderful idea!  It is very meaningful and I promise the teacher will treasure it forever.  Especially knowing that the kids came up with the words themselves.

4) Handy Bag - Teachers take home thousands of papers each month.  Why not have something cute to tote them around in?  Plus this is just super easy to make, all you have to do is know how to cut and iron.  Plus you can fill it with all kinds of little goodies for them to enjoy while they are on break.

5) Necklace - Now this isn't so frugal, but depending on how you work could be.  The Vintage Pearl often offers awesome Groupon deals.  Plus you can find coupons for them in magazines such as Martha Stewart, Parents, etc.  I was recently able to get a beautiful necklace from TVP for just $4 by working some deals.  So, it is totally possible to make this frugal.

What are some of your favorite gifts to give teachers?

Now, for my request.  As some of you know I have been lucky enough to be picked as a finalist for the Money Saving Queen 25 Days of Frugal Christmas Gifts.  I would really appreciate your vote as well.  It is simple, just go to this post and post a comment.  You do not need to sign in, you can post anonymously but you do have to answer a simple math problem (you may have to do this twice before it goes through) so they know you are not a computer.  I would be forever grateful.

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