The Creative Princess: Top 5 Frugal Christmas Gifts for Neighbors and Friends

Top 5 Frugal Christmas Gifts for Neighbors and Friends

I kind of stress out this time of year because I belong to a few different groups and have what seems like 30 dozen different Christmas parties to go to......or host.  Then I think of all the gifts I have to get and oh my!

Head starts spinning!

It's not pretty.

This year, thanks to Pinterest I am totally not stressing as to what to make.  Here are my top 5 gifts for friends and/or neighbors.

1) Cookie Dough - I think this is a great idea!  If you are like me, this time of year is crazy and your house seems like a cookie factory at times.  Why not pass this on to a busy friend or neighbor so it is one less recipe they have to worry about.  All they have to do is slice and bake.  Plus, they will have a new recipe for next time.

2) Etched Hot Cocoa Jar - It is REALLY cold here today and this sounds wonderful!  I love how they personalized the jar with the initial of the family's last name.

3) Ice Cream Sundae Kit - How FUN!  LOVE this idea!  Be sure to include some Homemade Chocolate Syrup.
4) Snowman Kit - Wouldn't this be PERFECT for a family with young kids?
5) Mini Cinnamon Rolls - YUM!  A BIG box of these left on your neighbors porch on Christmas Eve would be AWESOME!  It's a snack and breakfast all rolled into one amazingly AWESOME yummy treat! 

What are some of your favorite frugal gifts to give to friends and/or neighbors?

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