The Creative Princess: Antiquing we shall go

Antiquing we shall go

Do you go antique shopping?  As long as I can remember I have been an antique shopper.  The little town I grew up in has another little town near by that claims to be the "Antique Capitol of the World".  Growing up the town was full of antique stores, I am not sure if it still is or not. 

The little town I now live in has two antique stores.  I have my favorite of the two and I can't really tell you why it is my favorite but it is.  There is hardly any room to walk in the store, it is busting at the seems with just stuff.  Anything you might can find here. 

Last week I was on a mission to find some old measuring spoons to use for a project.  Luckily I took my hubby with me, he is tall..I am way short.  Up on one of the tip top shelves was a basket FULL of measuring spoons!  I walked right passed the basket, totally didn't see it.  Hubby did though, being all tall and stuff.  WooHoo!  I ended up getting two sets, just $0.50 each set!  Sweet!  I also walked out with a pastry cutter and two cookbooks.  Of course, can't go antiquing and not get a cookbook!

The books I got where 'The Art of Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking' and 'Baking in a Box, Cooking in a Can'.  I can't wait to try recipes from both books!  I think we will have LOTS of fun with the 'Baking in a Box' book, sounds like a fun summer time project to me.

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