The Creative Princess: International Delight #IcedCoffee Klatch #CBias

International Delight #IcedCoffee Klatch #CBias

Have you tried the NEW International Delight Iced Coffee yet?
OH MY GOSH!  It is SO good!  Seriously....SO good!
I can not tell you how excited I was when I found out about the #IcedCoffee from International Delight.  One carton costs about $4 and I can get about 8-15 servings out of one carton, depending on glass size of course.  That is SO much cheaper than Starbucks!  PLUS, I can pick one up at my local Walmart so that makes it even better!
A few nights ago I invited a few friends over for a Coffee Klatch, a little get together, to try the new flavors.  We had SO much fun!  Seriously tons of laughs.

This is my friend Natasha.  She was SO excited to try the iced coffee.  I will get to what she thought about all the flavors in a bit.

This is my friend Crissy.  She really liked the iced coffee, vanilla was her fav (it is my fav as well).  I think she said her lineup would be Vanilla, Mocha and then Original.  She has two teen girls and I think they would absolutely LOVE this product.

My friend Susan was camera shy so I didn't get a pic of her.  She, God bless her, is NOT a coffee drinker.  In fact I would go as far to say she despises the stuff.  That makes me SO sad.  In fact, she hates coffee SO much that she was not going to come to the party.  But, she is a good friend and came anyway.  Isn't she sweet?  Yep, that's why I love her.

Would you like to know what Susan thought of the iced coffee?
Are you ready for this?

She LOVED it!
Seriously!  Isn't that cool?  To be fair, she didn't love it at first...once we got to the Vanilla flavor...she was sold!  WooHoo!!

Now, back to Natasha.  Can you tell she liked it?  Yeah!  She even went home with a carton!  HA!  She is a HUGE coffee LOVER and was SO excited to find out she could just run to Walmart and pick up a carton.....or two.....or four.  The original was her favorite and said "This must be what God drinks, it is Heavenly!"  HAHA!  She is a nut.  lol  She loved all of the flavors but Original was her favorite.

Natasha and me...her heart said "Party Time" and mine said "Friends 4 Ever"

As for what I thought?

As I already told you, Vanilla is my FAVORITE flavor followed closely by Original and then Mocha.

Now, having said that let me tell you that I think the Original is a GREAT base for other flavors.  Use coffee syrups and mix it up!  Caramel syrup added in is out of this world! 

You can see more pics of my shop and party on my Google+ story, check it out!


You can find International Delight on Facebook and Twitter as well!

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias All opinions are my own.

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