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This week I am going to focus on {SWEETS}, you know I LOVE them.

Up first is this {AWESOME} cake!  Oh! MY! GOSH!  My little brother would LOVE this.....ok, so he isn't SO little anymore but, he would still LOVE it!  I think I may very well win sister of the year if i made this for him!  Oh if only I had mad cake skill.  My little brother seriously watched this movie at LEAST once a week growing up!  Not even kidding, totally wish I was.

When I saw {THIS} cake my jaw dropped.  I LOVE this cake!  It is so cute!  My birthday is in May, if anyone would like to make this for me....I would not refuse.

My friend pinned this {BEGGING} someone to make them for her.  Shouldn't be hard to pull of!  Two chocolate chip cookies, buttercream frosting and strawberries.  YUM!  These would be GREAT for a fun summer get together.

{SPRINKLES} Who doesn't LOVE sprinkles?!?  Did you know you can color your OWN sprinkles?  It is super easy also!

You guys know I have a thing for doughnuts!  BUT!  Did you know that Old Fashioned Sour Cream is my {FAVORITE}?  They totally are!  I was SO excited when I saw this!

Oh {Nutella} I LOVE Nutella!  Aren't these cute little Nutella Chocolate Hearts AMAZING?!  Yes, I think so as well!  I will be making a version soon!

I haven't decided what I am going to make first but.....those doughnuts are {REALLY} calling my name!

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