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Potty Training

Oh boy!  Here we go!  It is time to potty train MG. 

With Mads it was easy, I went to work and hubby trained her.  By day 5 we all felt comfortable about leaving the house and not having an accident.  With MG, well I am just not sure we will ever get to that point.

The method we do is this:
Wake up on day one and go potty.  After they potty on the toilet they get a prize and then you walk around the house, find all the diapers and throw them away.  Then every 15 minutes we go potty in the toilet.  Repeat for 3 days and you are done.  We also night train during this time.  Go potty before bed, then we wake her up and go potty before we go to bed, then wake her up when we get up to go potty again and then potty again when she wakes up.....and then you start the 15 minute routine.  Also during all of this one, and only one parent is responsible for taking them to go potty.  We decided that since hubs has done this before and it doesn't stress him out.....he should do it again.

I made her prize basket the other night.  It is fully of treats she normally does not get, cookies, candy, fun little prizes.  I also go juice boxes for her to drink as much as she wants during the day.

Sounds great right?!?  Well, here we 1 and she has gotten something out of the prize basket once!  She has had three accidents so far.  The first, she tried to potty on the toilet, didn't go, got up, washed her hands then peed in the bathroom floor.  Fantastic.

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