The Creative Princess: Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

Yesterday was such a great day!  I woke up to MG smiling her cheesy smile at me and telling me that I am “the best mommy I eva seen”.  She is such a sweet girl.  We piddled around a bit, had breakfast, and watched some TV then I got up to make some cupcakes for an order that was due later in the day. 

My phone rang and my SIL was on the other end asking me to go get some clothes for her and come pick her daughter up from the hospital so she could get back to school.  SIL was put in the hospital over the weekend and her daughter stayed with her Sunday night.

I was on my way to go pick my niece up when I decided to call my aunt and give her a hard time about some stuff that happened the night before.  When she picked up the phone I thought it was actually her daughter, it did not sound like my aunt at all.  It took me a second to realize it was her.  I could tell she was very upset.  I immediately asked if everything ok.  It was far from ok.  I had many things running through my head as to what could be wrong.  What she then told me put me in utter shock and turned my great day into one I will never forget and one I wish had not taken place.

A dear sweet friend of our family was in a car wreck yesterday.  She passed away.  I would like to share a few things about her life with you today.

Caitlyn was an AMAZING person.  She lived a life for God and made an incredible impact on every person she ever met.  If you had the privilege of meeting her, even just for a few short minutes, you knew in an instant she was one of a kind.  She had a love of life and lived it to the fullest.  Caitlyn had one of the brightest smiles I have ever seen and could light up a room with her genuinely warm and caring presence.  She had something many strive for, grace.  It came so naturally to her.  She was an amazing athlete, excelling in basketball, cheerleading and softball.  She was also incredibly smart.  I remember her mom bringing her into the office at school one day to show us that Caitlyn could write in mirror image, at 3 (or was it 4).   She was one of the funniest people I have ever known.  I will never know where she came up with some of the stuff that would come out of her mouth but oh my goodness was she hysterical.  She was a friend to many, young and old.  She was 19.  Caitlyn was going to school to be a teacher, she would have made an AMAZING teacher.  The love she had for kids was awesome.  She touched the lives of so many people, many more than the average adult could ever dream of and we are all so grateful to have known her.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Caitlyn for a long time, since she was a little girl.  She was an ornery little thing that blossomed into an amazing young woman.  As we go on, those that knew her will hold her light in our hearts and be forever grateful of the precious gift we were blessed with.  For knowing Caitlyn was one of the best gifts God could ever give to us.  It is hard to say goodbye to such an amazing person, the next few days will not be easy.  The weeks, months and years that follow will be forever changed.  I have no doubt Caitlyn is in heaven and look forward to our grand reunion.  Until then, I will live my life a little differently and pray I am able to make just a quarter of the impact Caitlyn has.

Bug, today you are a beautiful angel in heaven looking down on us.  Though we are sad your spirit has left us we are truly happy to know that you will be our special angel, guiding us through life.  We will always remember and cherish you and share your stories for years to come.

Please keep Caitlyn’s friends and family in your thoughts and prayers as we go through the next few days.  Please continue to pray for those closest to her that God will guide them and give them the comfort, peace and strength they need to get through this time.

God bless you Caitlyn, we miss you and love you dearly.

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