The Creative Princess: Turtle Pecans

Turtle Pecans

My Granny was an {AMAZING} candy maker.  Ok, she was an amazing cook and baker and just an amazing person as well.  But today, we are talking about her candy making.

I remember her making Divinity {EVERY} Christmas, that recipe will be coming soon.  I don't however, remember her making Turtles.  I was going through her recipes the other day and found her Turtle recipe and couldn't believe how easy it was.  Another reason I decided to make the Turtles is because my husband gets a free box of pecans every Christmas from a company his work is associated with.  Pretty cool right?  Especially since pecans are nearly as much as gold right now.

I am going to give you my Granny's Turtle recipe in just a bit.  I am also going to give you my version.

Makes: 4 dozen

1 (14oz) package of square Caramels (wrappers removed)
1 1/2 Cups Pecan Halves
5 (1.5oz) Chocolate Bars (like Hershey's original bars)

Arrange groups of 3 or 4 pecan halves two inches apart on greased baking sheet.  Top each group with one Caramel.  Bake at 300 degrees for 7 minutes.  Remove to waxed paper and flatten caramels with spatula.  Top each Turtle with one chocolate square while still warm, spread when melted.

I had a hard time finding the normal caramels at my store.  So, I bought the little caramel bits (the round ones).  Um yeah, those did {NOT} stay on the pecans.  So here is what I did.....

{Turtle Pecans}
 2 Cups Pecan Halves
1 (11oz) package of Caramel Bits
1 1/2 (4.4oz) Chocolate Bars - chopped

Lay pecans in a single layer on greased baking sheet.  Sprinkle caramel bits on top.  Bake at 300 degrees for 7 minutes.  Remove from oven and spread caramel over pecans, you might need to stir a bit then press back into a single layer.  Top with chopped chocolate, allow to rest for about 3 minutes.  Spread chocolate over pecans.  Allow to rest for about 5 minutes then remove to waxed paper.  Let sit until set, a few hours-overnight.  Once set break into pieces, store in airtight container.

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