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I just wanted to say 'Hi!'

Gosh I have been busy these past few weeks!  I feel like I have been neglecting you guys!

So....what is new with me?

Well, I got a new camera!  Oh my gosh!  I LOVE it!  I got the Sony Alpha Nex3, it is AMAZING!  The camera is SO light and the pictures are just WOW!

I am still learning how it works but I am getting better!

Sorry, I went a bit overboard on editing but I still LOVE it!

Hmmm...over the weekend we went to visit my mom and dad and also went to visit my grandparents.  We took the girls to a little park and let them play for a bit...then someone found a snake.  Yeah, I was totally done at that point!  HAHA!

Sunday was church.  Monday I did laundry.  And MORE laundry.  And even MORE laundry.  I seriously think I did 5-8 loads and folded about 20 loads!  I am not even kidding you!  We have 3 bags to donate and even more laundry to do.  Sorry, not even going to show you a pic of THAT mess.

Yesterday I did a few more loads of laundry, finished a cake and took it to the church for a funeral dinner, came home and got ready to take Mads to dance.

Tonight is church and in a bit I have more cleaning to do.  I also have some FUN posts lined up for Thursday and Friday so stay tuned for those.  Saturday we are going to an Easter Egg hunt (seems SO early for that) and Sunday is church.  OH!  Friday I have a coupon swap!  WooHoo! 

So after this busy week what does next week look like?  Pretty much the same plus adding Easter in and getting ready for MG's birthday.  Life rarely slows down around here and is actually a lot busier most of the time.  When it does slow down I seriously have no idea what to do with myself.

I hope you all are having a great week!

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