The Creative Princess: When I was Little

When I was Little

When I was little....birthday's were a BIG deal.  I think at least 4 of my birthday's were Cabbage Patch themed.  The crepe-paper streamers went up in the dining room, Granny spent all day (it seemed) making my cake and relatives and friends were called over.

When I was little....I LOVED watching Saturday morning cartoons.  I would sit right in the middle of the floor and loved each and every one of them, Smurfs were my FAV though.  I also loved sneaking in Star Search on Sunday's before church.

When I was little....we traveled.  A LOT.  By the time I was 10 I had already seen half of the US and been to Canada and Mexico.  We went to Colorado a LOT.  My FAVORITE place we visited will always be Flintstone Village.  It was a little village in Arizona, I think, that looked just like the village from the cartoon.  AMAZING!  

When I was little....I DESPISED my little brother.  Yep, just totally admitted that.  I mean seriously, I was the center of attention until he came into the world!  Way to break up what I had going little bro!  Thanks!  ;-)  Today though, I totally admire and love him.  He is an AWESOME person.  See, it all worked out.

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